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Zeiss Case Study 1

A technical challenge goes into production

Short overview of the project: Series production of technically complex displays in seven different versions for the effective presentation of self-tinting lenses: the PhotoFusion® demo tool.


In 2011, it was the innovation of the year in the field of optometry: PhotoFusion®, the new self-tinting lenses by ZEISS, which react faster than conventional self-tinting lenses. Our challenge: Develop and mass produce technically complex displays for retailers, which also need to be certified for the US market. The individual process steps:


Design, construction, certification: Develop several alternative designs and optimise the favourites for final approval for construction. Integrating LEDs and batteries into the design present an especially tough challenge. In order to optimise the tinting process, the lenses have to be positioned at a specific angle and distance to the LEDs. Manageability and precisely specified maximum size have to be taken into account. In addition, safety aspects, such as protection against harmful UV radiation also need to be taken into consideration. Construction is carried out in close collaboration with the certification institute and with all the ZEISS departments involved to make the process as efficient as possible and to meet the ambitious market launch date.

Prototype construction Building a prototype that equals the quality of a series production sample in design and construction. This is provided to the institute for comprehensive testing. Concurrently, we develop a user manual explaining its functionality and the safety instructions.


Production and logistics: Materials and individual components are sourced from the US, China, Korea, Germany and the UK. The final product is assembled and packaged in Wolfschlugen. The displays are shipped from here to the US and Brazil.


Conclusion: A total of seven different design variants for various major clients are manufactured and delivered. The professional project management and close cooperation with the responsible department at ZEISS Vision Care and the certification institute are certainly the key to success in this process.

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