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Since its foundation in 1947 in North Carolina, the Wrangler brand has always put its strategic focus on performance. Innovative materials and cuts are the core of the brand. The latest development is a water-repellent jeans fabric that combines a unique look and functionality. This is exactly what ARNO is achieving with the new Wrangler store concept – a unique combination of look and functionality. ARNO value engineered the store furniture. It is made of wood and hot rolled steel with clear powder coated finish to provide durability whilst maintaining


the raw unique finish to the material. ARNO produces and stores the furniture before it is delivered and installed. ARNO employees survey the location to get exact measurements. Based on this data, floor plans are created and visualised in 3D models. Every store is completely installed within four to six weeks after the order has been placed. Stores have been implemented  in Italy, Portugal, France, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland as well as in Finland.

Ladenbau Textil Einzelhandel
Wrangler Store Ladenbauer
Ladenbau Fashion
Wrangler Store Fashion - Jeans Wand 01
Wrangler Store Fashion - Jeans Wand 02
Ladenausstattung Textil
Ladenbau Jeans
Wrangler Store Fashion Jeans
Wrangler Store Fashion Gürtel
Wrangler Store Fashion Textil - Wall - Wand
Wrangler Store Fashion - Logo
Wrangler Store Fashion - Reagl Wand Jeans


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