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Window displays -
Creating the most persuasive welcome possible

Any retailer overlooking the importance of window displays does so at their peril. The focal point of your retail environment from outside, what you show in your store front is what will ultimately turn passers-by into visitors and, hopefully, customers. At ARNO, we work with many major global brands to create window displays that capture attention, attract interest,

create standout and encourage people to come through your front door. Visual merchandising is, of course, a critical factor in any effective window display. But there are many other elements to consider if you’re to feature a persuasive ‘front of house’ that leads people naturally into your in-store solutions and wider shop displays.

An integrated, intelligent approach

We always take an integrated, holistic approach to retail design, so any window display solutions or ideas we propose will tie closely with all other aspects of your promotions and store layout. That includes any branding considerations – are the correct messages and brand look and feel being communicated? Will passers-by recognise your brand immediately and does it stand out from everything else in the surrounding area? The actual products or merchandise are important too. Does the window display show them as clearly, prominently and persuasively as you’d hope? All to often, this most fundamental consideration is overlooked or overshadowed. And this is a major mistake. Designing the most creative display possible means nothing if its ultimate objective and focus is lost.

We will also work with you to create the ideal backdrop for your window display. Lighting, colour and animation all play a role here, serving to highlight the promotion, bring your products or messages to life and giving the overall solution a balanced, attractive appeal. As with visual merchandising, having a story or a theme is an ideal way to capture the attention of visitors. We’ll sit down with you and discuss the brand or product story – what do people know about your product? What do you want them to understand or feel when presented with your store front? Is there an event or occasion it could be tied to?

Window Display Davidoff
Window Display Davidoff

Window displays design

As specialists in the field, we also understand how important it is to consider things from the perspective of people in the street – rather than people already in your store. It may seem obvious, but window displays are often designed from an ‘inside out’ point of view.

And that is often at odds with what a passing shopper will see or be attracted by. Decades of experience mean our approach is always focused on two things – your objectives and the behaviour of your potential customers.

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A one-stop shop for window displays

One of the great advantages of working with ARNO in the creation of your window displays is the fact that you needn’t look anywhere else for specialist support at every stage of your project. From our base in Wolfschlugen, we have a team of designers, engineers, production professionals, project managers and shop fitters

along with many others. So we ensure that from the initial brief right through to the finalising of your display, you receive the very best service and support, whenever it’s required.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email