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Weltbild Display 1


Flexibility and variability that can be shown. From head to toe or in this case from header to base. According to the briefing of Weltbild, ARNO designed and developed a universally applicable display. Spatial flexibility is created through the rolls at the bottom of the display. Easily exchangeable header graphics are changing the appearance and branding of the display within seconds. Three different kinds of shelf systems add to the display‘s flexibility: sloped shelves that can be

inserted in two different angles, standard shelves as well as shelf bars to which blister hooks can be attached. The result is a highly adaptable display that can be equipped according to the current promotion. In total, ARNO produced 110 of these displays that are made of wood, metal and acrylic. To save cost, ARNO reduced the thickness of the shelves. The displays are delivered to Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Weltbild Display 2
Manufacturer Brand Product Industry Countries
ARNO Wolfschlugen Weltbild Display Weltbild Display Books GER