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Wall bays far more than a simple backdrop

Wall bay design is one of the fundamentals of creating your desired retail environment. Used effectively, they’re extremely valuable areas of real estate on your premises,

with the ability to enhance the overall atmosphere, prominently promote individual products or offers, and bring real life and vibrancy to your entire shop display.


One of the major advantages of wall bays is their flexibility. ARNO can help you exploit this flexibility, perhaps introducing interactive displays to these areas, or integrating with displays you’re featuring at the point of purchase.

Using the latest visual merchandising tools and techniques, we can create overall in-store solutions via your wall bays, in which customers are encouraged to engage with individual brands or themes.

Wall Bays - Design for Cosmetics
Wall Bays - Design for Cosmetics

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Whether it's a project involving a single store or a far-reaching campaign requiring international display, we’ll help you at every stage of your wall bay project. We’ll work alongside you to generate the initial concept, from which all other ideas will arise.

We’ll generate designs that work in harmony with the rest of your premises. And we’ll engineer, manufacture and install each and every wall bay in line with your requirements – right down to the detailed retail fixtures.

Wall Bays - Photo Station
Wall Bays - Photo Station

Starting the project with you

The first step in any project is always the objectives of your business. What do you hope to achieve with your wall bays and how will they fit with the display plans proposed for the rest of your premises? Finding a balance between the prominence of the many different elements of your in-store environment is critical. You want to lead eyes (and wallets) in the right directions throughout your premises, but you also want to ensure the customer experience is as comfortable, convenient and appealing as possible. It’s this balance that means a first-time customer becomes a loyal, repeat customer, after all. There is an almost innumerable array of different techniques at your disposal when designing wall bays that are perfect for your surroundings. ARNO can help you consider each, arriving at a proposal that is ideally suited to your specific requirements.

  • Lighting – a poorly lit display creates the wrong impression. A well-lit display attracts attention, captures the imagination and enhances the mood to buy.
  • Motion – animation, moving image, film and sound all help to bring a brand or promotion to life, and add to the overall vibrancy of your store.
  • Interactivity – with advances in modern technology, the ability to encourage customers to interact with your display has become far easier. Interactivity in wall bays allows information to be made specific to the visitor and communicated more quickly, effectively and persuasively.

We believe that you receive best value when we help you at every stage of the wall bay design process. By working alongside you from day one, right through to the moment in time when the wall bays are all in place and up and running, we ensure the highest possible quality standards, and give you the reassurance of having an expert partner to call on at any time.

Wall Bays - Electronics
Wall Bays - Electronics


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email