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Sustainability is our top priority

Ecological, economic and social

As a 3rd generation family business, sustainable action is a special concern for us. We focus on the three areas of ecological, economic and social sustainability, and thus in particular on people, the environment and the company. Decisive for our sustainable success are our approximately 200 employees, who dedicate themselves to their tasks with commitment and flexibility every day. Through their sustainable, proactive thinking and actions, they generate the optimum for our customers and our company without losing sight of the environment and their responsibility.


As a company with headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in the UK, China, Turkey and Russia, as well as a Strategic Alliance in the USA, we are committed both to compliance with the SA 8000 social standard and to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We have integrated the contents of these standards into our international corporate strategy across all companies and anchored them in our ARNO Code of Conduct across all subsidiaries.


We have reached a major milestone: since 2020, we have been CO2 neutral - balanced according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (Scope 1 and Scope 2).

We are proud of this, but we are not giving up on continuous improvement!



ARNO Sustanability Report

>> Click here for our full Sustainability Report.

Sustainability reporting according to international standards

We report on our efforts and achievements with regard to sustainability. We attach importance to complete, transparent and structured sustainability reporting.


In our sustainability declaration, we are guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) of the UN Global Compact. Since 2020, we have measured our economic, environmental and social performance against the globally recognised standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).



Our ARNO Sustainability Report 2020 was published as a Communication on Progress (CoP) on the United Nations Global Compact website at the highest possible level (GC Advanced).

Our sustainability reporting is based on the standards of the German Sustainability Code (DNK). As a DNK user, we provide detailed information in the DNK company profile.

We address customers, employees, suppliers, authorities, politicians and all other target groups who are interested in our activities and at the same time want to be informed about our values, guidelines and principles of our actions.

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