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The „La Destilairía“ at Airport Stuttgart takes the consumer to the impressive world of whisky. The area is located right behind the security check within the airside sector of Stuttgart Airport. Using colours, materials and a supportive light ambience, ARNO created an unique atmosphere. Well, Whisky for all senses! Parts of the installation are a wall with shelves, a gondola at the centre, a floor display and a lighting element. The wall is equipped with high-quality mosaic stones coloured in gold, bronze and brown. They pick up the colours of whisky and embed it in a smooth yet smoky appearing environment. The mosaic stones reflect the light and are therefore an eye-catcher in the usual uniform airport environment. The lighting element changes the colours

continually and paints the entire POS installation over and over in new colour moods. Also, the colour-changing installation is just like so many times before a guarantor for the consumers‘ elevated attention since they react positively to visual impulses. Tastings can be realised at the gondola. It offers space for product presentation but it also functions as a bar. Integrated into the bar - invisible for consumers - are a fridge, storage space and a litter box. Only materials which belong to the highest fire prevention category B1 comply with the security regulations of the airport and were used for the production. To realise the static construction, ARNO had to install a complex substructure to be able to fix the shelves professionally.

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