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Sony SmartWear Display 1


The launch for the SmartBands is in full swing. Every smartphone user can start keeping a diary that records everything from sporty activities to photos and special moments by using the SmartBand in combination with the Lifelog-App. For the German-wide launch in retail and the presentation of the product, 300 SONY SmartWear displays were delivered to electronic and telecommunication stores. The displays are made of black, glossy acrylic and have an intergrated 9,7“ screen which illustrates the application examples of SmartBand in product videos. The SD card can be exchanged by sales personnel within seconds. The design presents three wrist bands. The wrist bands are secured with a retractor. This version of the anti-theft device is allowing the customer to take the product without being able to remove it entirely.

A small window within the display shows the core transponder which is the heart of the product. It can be inserted into different wrist bands.


The prepared displays – equipped with products – simply have to be unwrapped, set up and plugged in at retail. A smart plug and play solution that ensures a professional presentation at the POP. The display is also ready for product developments at any time. The plain design and the branding „SmartWear“ allow for a presentation of the following product generation.

Sony SmartWear Display 2
Sony SmartWear Display 3
Sony SmartWear Display 4
Sony SmartWear Display 5
Sony SmartWear Display 6
Sony SmartWear Display 7
Manufacturer Brand Product Industry Countries
ARNO Wolfschlugen Sony Display Sony Display Electronics GER