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Sony PlayStation 4 Display 1


Just in time for Christmas trade, Sony’s PlayStation®4 has been delivered to retailers. The launch of the new game console has been expected with great excitement. Accordingly, the test units which were developed by ARNO have to meet huge expectations. Next to the design, security, stability, protection against vandalism and much more, a strong focus is put on experience and emotion. To do so, ARNO developed a coherent display series, to offer a first-hand in-store experience of the Sony PlayStation®4. A vast number of games can be test played interactively on the displays’ 32” HD screens since the camera of the console is also integrated below the screen. The highlight of the display - positioned in its centre - is an illuminated


Dummy console. The real console is placed just below in a cavity to protect the device from vandalism. The majority of the graphics are magnetic and can be replaced within seconds. The key visuals and logo header are backlit by LEDs and create an optimal long-distance effect and a superior brand presentation. The display which is made of metal is unparalleled in its stability. The controllers are anti-theft secured but offer enough space to test the console properly. More than 4.000 countertop and floor displays have been produced and delivered by ARNO and can be found in electronic specialist shops worldwide from London to Sydney.

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