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Sony Charging Station Display 1


A WIN-WIN-WIN situation. It is a rare thing that a display offers so many benefits to all involved parties. In this case, ARNO landed this brilliant coup. The consumers profit from the SONY Xperia charging station. They can charge their mobile phones at the display, take a break and drink a cup of water and learn more about the new Xperia Z by taking a look at the information displayed on the screen. But also the retailer

has good reasons to set up this display. Additional traffic in the store, an increased retention period of the consumers in the store and thus an increased probability of impulse purchases. The brand also profits from the display. Interaction between the brand and consumers at the POP, a strong brand communication and product placement. See more in our video on the Sony charging station.

Sony Charging Station Display 2
Sony Charging Station Display 3
Sony Charging Station Display 4
Manufacturer Brand Product Industry Countries
ARNO Wolfschlugen Sony Display Sony Display Electronics GER