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Shop in shop systems – Use the benefits to your advantage

What are the advantages of a shop in shop system? In short, it saves time and money but is nevertheless flexible. How is this possible and what is the difference to individual pieces of furniture? Our knowledge of the conditions in the market, combined with intelligent design,


solid construction and cost-efficient project management, gives you a head start at the point of sale. Unlike shop-in-shop systems, single pieces of furniture are usually deployed as special solutions and therefore cannot be effectively combined.

Design of retail shop in shop systems

The key to a successful retail shop in shop system is a smart and inventive concept. We take into consideration which components are indispensable as a basis and how other components can be added to the system. Our aim is to create various floor plans and structural situations with as few basic elements as possible. This way entire shops can readily be created based on 5-6 system components. A piece of furniture can be part of a system, but so can materials.

For example, this allows you to change the visual appearance according to the season. Retail shop in shop systems can easily be used for other tasks or new products by adding or changing simple, small accessories. Where large shelves are mounted on the system today, blister hooks can replace them tomorrow to perfectly present different products. Shop in shop systems can be used for years and new system components can be added to always keep it up to date with the latest developments.


Engineering of shop in shop systems

Another advantage of a SIS system is our well-thought-out design. Keeping the assortment of components and tools as small as possible is the key to large cost savings. Variations to our prototypes and final improved points can be tailored to your demands so that you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

Once designed, we keep the plans on file so that you can still order the same piece of furniture in your system in future without any additional work. This will save you time in the future, e.g. when opening a new shop. Of course, new elements to the existing basic system can always be developed further and so seamlessly incorporated into the existing shop system.

Shop in Shop System - Liebherr
Shop in Shop System - Liebherr

Get planning certainty

Planning certainty is enormously important for the launching of new shop openings or product launches. Shop-in-shop systems are ideally suited for sophisticated floor planning. Along with retailers, lay out large and small floor plans and simply order the desired number of components from the


system at ARNO. Since you have the prices for each item from the system, you can quickly and easily estimate the costs of a new shop and add system components depending on your budget.

Shop in Shop System 1:20 model case - Liebherr
Shop in Shop System 1:20 model case - Liebherr

Manufacturer of shop in shop systems

Of course, as a manufacturer of shop in shop systems we also pay attention to the differences in international trade, such as:

  • Grid widths
  • Electrical connections
  • Safety regulations
  • Environmental regulations
  • Transport regulations

With us as your manufacturer, you will benefit from all the advantages of a retail shop-in-shop system. With us you have a partner who already has the costs of materials, logistics and installation in mind when taking the first design step. We combine expertise from all areas such as design, prototype construction, and project management through to logistics and installation and we assure your new shop-in-shop system will be launched smoothly. Let us develop your new shop in shop system!

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