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The Shop in Shop Concept and its Impact on Sales

In spite of the proliferation of online shopping, the physical retail store is still one of the most effective ways of enticing spontaneous purchasing decisions. This is particularly true for shops which manage to turn the mere concept of buying products into an entertaining experience in itself. This can be achieved in various ways,

such as by establishing an inherent emotional connection to your brand. The shop in shop (SiS) concept is another means to this end, creating a branded retail space within another store. ARNO shop in shop systems shape a unique shopping experience that will leave a lasting impression on your customer.

Let ARNO Carve Out Your Identity

In today’s retail environment, there are various definitions of the concept of a “shop in shop” system: To most, the term simply refers to a separate part of the floor space which is reserved for a particular brand or retailer. Such a separated shop area usually employs retail fixtures unique to the brand presented, thus visually distinguishing the identity of your product from surrounding competitor brands and their shop in shop areas. At its most elaborate, the shop in shop concept may even refer to a separate shopping area within another retail space, featuring its own dedicated shop assistants and even its own checkout counter. What both of these interpretations of the phrase have in common is

the basic premise of the system: Retail space in a larger store is set aside for use as a separate retail space by another brand or franchise. The product range of this separate “store within a store” can be related to the general concept of the products sold by the host store – such as with a sports footwear brand being sold inside a clothing retailer. On the other hand, the space may well be used for an entirely unrelated product range – such as with the concept of a coffee franchise located within the same clothing retailer. As long as there is a significant overlap in target audiences, a variety of combinations are possible and many of them can lead to surprising increases in sales for both the host store and your own.


Reap the Branding Benefits

The shop in shop concept as a means of product presentation utilising contemporary retail design principles is capable of providing your brands with a number of advantages:


  • Products can be presented in their own space without being affected by the brand identity of competitors
  • The visual differentiation in relation to the host store makes the location of your product within the store easy to identify
  • Coordinating the branding concept of the system with other promotional actions and marketing campaigns maximises the effect of such measures
  • Consistently using SiS concept solutions engenders brand recognition and loyalty by differentiation from the surrounding store.


All of these advantages can be further supported by strategic secondary placement of free standing display units. Particularly within large retail spaces featuring a plethora of different products and brands – as with the concept of a general goods store – SiS systems can be used to reliably draw the customer’s attention away from competing products.

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Gain Practical Advantages

Why should a brand be presented separately within a retail space? If the budget for a large-scale shop in shop system is available, why not simply create a separate store entirely? Choosing the SiS model means choosing practical benefits beyond the marketing effect. Employing a shop in shop concept means:


  • Shared running costs for heating and electricity
  • Shared customer base
  • Additional consumer synergies


Particularly the last point is often considered to be a major benefit of the SiS concept. As an example: Shoppers interested in both electronic entertainment products and brand-name clothing can choose to purchase products from

an electronics retailer and a clothing store separately. However, customers usually prefer the concept of convenience as provided by shopping at combination clothing and electronics retailers. Thus, it is possible for multiple brands to synergise, increasing the time customers spend within the marketing environment. In addition, intelligent SiS synergies can be used to draw additional customers to your brand. To stay with the concept of the electronics and clothing retailers, someone interested in electronics might be influenced to buy brand-name clothing when coming into contact with the clothing retailer’s marketing space, even though they would never have sought out such a store previously. In this way, the SiS concept can be used to create a demand for the product in customers who might otherwise never have come in contact with your products – and would have hesitated to enter a mono-brand store.

How ARNO Can Help You Create the Perfect Shop in Shop Concept

As a professional global player in retail furniture and point of sale design, ARNO can look proudly at over 80 years of retail design excellence. With this generation-spanning experience, we are among the most trusted worldwide providers of retail furniture and fixtures, particularly among shopfitting companies from the UK. ARNO is specialised in creating fully modular fixture systems including anything from static display cases to interactive multimedia solutions. The modular design of all of our shopfitting products is one of the most beneficial aspects of the shop in shop concept, as occasional changes in the allotted retail space or the varying requirements of the floor space geometry can very negatively impact the usability of fixed systems. In fact, an unusual arrangement of floor geometry has prevented more

than one brand from being able to effectively market its product using the SiS concept. However, thanks to modular design and flexible order picking, the exact combination of different pieces of furniture is not pre-defined, allowing the system to be adapted quickly and easily to the existing spatial conditions. Furthermore, individual modular pieces of furniture may be exchanged in response to the demands of the market place or changes to the marketing concept. New products requiring specialised fixtures can be easily integrated into a modular system by simply ordering the new fixtures from ARNO warehouses across Europe and removing older elements, if necessary. And naturally, changing the layout of an SiS system every once in a while keeps the shopping experience fresh for the customer.

A Partner That Provides You with Everything You Need – From Concept to Production

As a company founded on in-house principles, our over 250 employees at ARNO include people of every walk of life – from project managers and visual designers to marketing and carpentry experts. This allows us to not only work from a detailed briefing and an existing brand identity but to realise your shop in shop concept from a simple baseline idea as well. All steps in the process, from planning to final production, shipping and

on-site assembly, are handled by our experienced team, minimising communications problems and response times thanks to our in-house organisation concept. This also allows changes to be worked into the design very quickly during development. Once manufacture and assembly have been completed, the fixtures are then shipped by ARNO to a shop of your choice by our experienced shipping department.

A Strong Concept, Excellent Materials, Impeccable Products

ARNO creates high-quality SiS concept fixtures. To this end, we work only with high-performance materials such as glass, metal or timbers. This is not only because we believe that quality workmanship should be evident in every single facet of the finished product, but also for more practical reasons: In the long term, displays made of cardboard simply cannot bear the stress of being assembled, disassembled, placed and moved around on a regular basis. While ARNO products are made to last, our experts know exactly which materials are suitable for which purpose. This allows us to keep costs down by choosing materials which serve to

convey your brand identity and marketing concept in the stores while being able to bear the stress of modular deployment at the same time – all without choosing costly materials far beyond the constructional requirements. As the concept of multimedia displays has become increasingly important in the retail space, we can also provide you with SiS systems that combine traditional carpentry with electronics. We are thus able to create truly outstanding display designs featuring multimedia presentation – or even interactive elements to draw the attention of customers.

Worldwide Service

Through our regional holdings in Germany, the UK, Russia, Turkey, China and the US, we can provide shopfitting solutions throughout the world, from the concept stage to the finished furniture. Native speaking employees prevent communication errors and ensure that you will get the exact shop in shop system you need.

Our project managers are closely familiar with international regulations and customs, which allows us to determine shipping costs reliably up-front and work with your national infrastructure. Highly organised order picking techniques allow us to flexibly ship fixtures to a location of your choice in exactly the configuration you need them.

ARNO Shopfitting Solutions for Your Business

Perhaps you are already thinking about including the shop in shop concept in your marketing strategy. Or perhaps you have already tried fixed SiS solutions without much success. In this case, you need not give up on the concept you need a partner like ARNO to help you develop the fixtures

you need: robust, modular and completely individualised according to the identity of your brands. Contact us and we will take care of everything from the initial concept to shipping and on-site assembly.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email