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Worldwide Shop Fitting Suppliers

When taking a look at any given store interior, one striking aspect is the immense range of fundamentally similar products on display. In such a retail situation, making particular products stand out is as much a task for marketing as it is for specialised shop fitting suppliers. Bespoke fittings, from stands to display units with accessories from hangers and

holders to shelving elements, are the chief marketing tools employed by these shop fitting suppliers – And no-one knows better than ARNO that the difference between off-the-shelf standard store furniture and branded bespoke fittings can make or break any sale.

High-Quality Retail Fixtures

As one of the most successful shopfitting companies from the UK, Germany, Turkey, Russia and China for over eight decades, ARNO has manufactured retail fixtures, designed modular shop in shop concept systems and even created entire retail environments for projects around the world. Among available international suppliers, we are an expert in design and marketing concepts. Our portfolio ranges from point of sale design to the incorporation of the digital sphere. As a branding specialist, we have created display designs that succeed in guiding customer purchasing decisions.


And as a manufacturer and supplier, we have always provided practical and robust furniture on time, which shop owners and assistants have come to rely on. ARNO has designed and built shop fitting solutions of various types for a number of products and brands, ranging from clothes display units with wall hangers, shelving elements and holders to display counters and stands for electronics retailers. Our experience in working with various brands and product types has given us a comprehension of the retail market far ahead of more specialised shop fitting suppliers.

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The ARNO Shop Fitting Approach

What truly makes ARNO special, however, is its unique methodology in contrast to other shop fitting suppliers. Our systems are not simply created by a design team responsible for the visuals and manufacturers tasked with realising the resulting blueprints. In our experience, this approach, frequently employed by other suppliers, only leads to increases in the time and resources required for a project. However, at ARNO, designers, marketing experts and manufacturers work hand in hand from the first step of the design to final production. Using this system, we are a company which can effectively minimise costs by taking into account the visual design, the underlying marketing concepts and the realities of production and day-to-day use long before the fittings are manufactured. This prevents time-consuming back-and-forth between shop fitting suppliers, clients and design teams while guaranteeing display units which

can be re-used frequently by shops without diminishing the effectiveness of the design because of accrued visual damage. This multi-pronged approach to design is also responsible for another exceptional aspect of ARNO compared to other shop fitting suppliers – we strive to create display systems which are fully modular, allowing individual elements to be exchanged whenever necessary. For example, a modular shop in shop system designed by shop fitting suppliers to market clothes might feature individual displays with hangers to hold the product, but when the same garment manufacturer decides to push their shoe line, modules featuring shoe holders or shelving units could easily be integrated into the display system. Most importantly, since designers, manufacturers and suppliers work on the fitting elements together, full visual coherence can be guaranteed even when exchanging individual modules.

The Aspect of Supply

Another point that serves to differentiate us from other international shop fitting suppliers is our extensive range of services. While other shop fitting suppliers typically limit themselves to design or manufacture, ARNO provides comprehensive services even after the production is finished:


  • Safe warehouse storage of finished display series
  • Precise and quick on-demand order picking
  • Low-cost worldwide shipping, even at short notice
  • On-site installation and system-specific workforce training


Unique among shop fitting suppliers, there is no need for additional external help when working with ARNO – all aspects of design, manufacture and supply are taken care of by an international team of experts working closely with each other to provide you with the exact display systems you require, anywhere in the world.

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Building an entire Shop with ARNO

Even fitting entire stores is no problem for us. All we require are a floor plan and an idea of what the marketing concept should entail. With these two prerequisites in hand, we can turn your stores from empty buildings into coherently designed shopping experiences, optimised for sales from the fundamental layout to each individual display.

Our shop fitting approach is almost unique among suppliers in that we provide you with everything from a marketing concept and a store layout to individual fixture systems designed and produced to take care of the specific needs of your retail environement.

Shop Fitting Suppliers with Worldwide Marketing Experience

As an internationally operating group, ARNO consists of people of varied cultural backgrounds and native speakers of a number of different world languages. On the international market, this gives us the edge against regional suppliers. Of course, having experience with the regional marketing situation is a necessity for any shop fitting business, but regional suppliers often suffer from a severely limited viewpoint, perceiving only those designs that work for a particular regional retail environment. With our generation-spanning experience on the international market, however, we can create designs which are truly

unique by not only drawing from regional aesthetic preferences and established marketing concepts, as many other fitting suppliers tend to do, but by employing design influences gathered from retail markets across the entire world. Of course, despite this international experience, ARNO still strives to create display systems that fit with the regional market both in terms of design aesthetics and infrastructural requirements. And thanks to our international staff, we manage to do this better than most other fitting suppliers.

Facing the Challenges of a Digital Age

Most shop fitting suppliers consider it their job to provide hangers, holders, stands and wall shelving units for the retail environment. They do not concern themselves with the digital space, arguing that this is not their area of expertise, after all. Shop fitting suppliers thinking this way have clearly not understood the full extent of what the growing e-commerce market means for shop fitting. Many customers perceive online shopping to be preferable to the retail space. The main reason for this is convenience – online shopping allows the customer to gain access to a much wider range of products without ever having to leave their living room. Many shop fitting suppliers consider this to be a problem which

they are in no position to remedy. However, at ARNO, we believe that fitting suppliers can shape entirely new advertising concepts by combining virtual and real space into the design of retail fixtures. The idea is simple. Retail is not able to beat e-commerce in terms of convenience – however, it can provide customers with physical, tactile experiences which are as of yet impossible to recreate in virtual space. Using advanced technologies and media elements within the display design allows ARNO to combine your online and offline retail presences into one coherent marketing concept, offering customers both the convenience of an online shopping experience and the tactile experience of a real environment.

Hands-On Interactivity

Numerous studies by shop fitting suppliers, commercial companies and independent scientists all agree that one of the most frequent reasons for customers to enter a retail store is the opportunity to interact with products directly. Trying on clothes, holding new gardening tools, switching channels on television displays – all of these provide the customer with a sense of understanding the product which allows them to more easily justify a purchasing decision. Because of this, ARNO, like many other shop fitting suppliers, creates displays with interactive elements

whenever feasible. Unlike many other suppliers, however, our displays also engage the customer with a semblance of the convenience found in the digital space, by including elements such as information touch screen displays with integrated online features. Even giving the customer the ability to link up their smartphones and tablets with a display – via wireless network, for example. Facilitating customer interaction can be a useful tactic employed by shop fitting suppliers to draw their attention to the product on display.

Shopping Experiences

Perhaps most importantly, fitting suppliers have the opportunity to use retail shopping experiences to engage customers with all senses, while online interaction is typically limited to the senses of sight and hearing. For example, using electronically controlled scent

dispensers engages the olfactory sense while richly textured plastic fixture surfaces can provide a tactile stimulus fitting the product on display. Ultimately, we believe that the retail experience should be turned into an experience to remember.

Shop Fitting Suppliers Stuttgart Airport
Shop Fitting Suppliers Stuttgart Airport

The One Comprehensive Solution Among International Fitting Suppliers

There are essentially two ways of having bespoke fixtures produced for a shop, brand or product – either by employing multiple suppliers – a design team, a manufacturer, storage and shipping companies as well as a number of builders – or by employing ARNO to take all of these responsibilities from you at once. From a series of individual displays to modular systems and entire shop fittings, we have the capabilities and experience to take care of all necessary steps from the design to on-site installation.

By providing our services as shop fitting suppliers on a worldwide scale, we make sure that any company wishing for bespoke fixtures can get them at a low expense. And thanks to our order picking and shipping expertise, we can send you exactly those pieces of furniture you require at any given time – always on schedule, even at short notice. Simply contact us with your briefing and we will be your one-stop solution among the multitude of international shop fitting suppliers.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email