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Bespoke Shop Displays –
Let ARNO Make Your Brand Stand Out

Long ago, when the choice between different products had not yet become as overwhelming as it is today, shop displays were simple: The goods would simply be displayed on plain wooden stands, holders or shelves – the customer would buy them anyway. Today, however, in order to survive in an ever more competitive market

space flooded with similar products, the brand identity needs to be supported with unique shop displays. The purpose of such a display in the retail space is three-fold: attracting customers, conveying the brand identity and allowing easy interaction to facilitate a sale.

Why the Display Matters

The necessity of branded shop displays has become an accepted truth, one which is evident to companies with every single sale. Failing to take the topic into consideration can result in significant losses to any business – which is why the expense of employing ARNO professional help in designing and manufacturing branded store displays is easily outweighed by the benefits:


  • A unique display supports the brand identity associated with your product.
  • Your product stands out amidst a retail space filled with different brands.
  • Usability for the customer is increased, leading to greater profitability.

The effect of bespoke shop displays on a sale can be illustrated by taking a mental walk through a typical store. In any such multi-brand environment, the customer is immediately greeted by the sight of hundreds of different products on generic stands, holders, hangers, shelving units on the wall or other such fittings. When displayed next to each other on stock furnishings, this can easily overwhelm the customer – picking out products or brands at a distance can become harder and the close proximity of various brands next to each other only serves to muddle each product’s brand identity inside the generic displays. In practical terms: Customers looking for particular brands in a store might not easily find them, while those looking for a type of product will not be ideally influenced by a carefully established branding effort. They will probably just pick the cheapest on-sale products from the stands.


Create a Space for Your Own Brand Identity

Shop Displays thus have one important task in terms of visual marketing: They are meant to create a small space dedicated entirely to your brand or product – even within a multi-brand retail environment. This way, the effect of surrounding brands can be minimised and the customer is fully influenced by the brand identity. This aspect is of particular importance

when tying advertising campaigns to your shop displays. Using the same visual design as is used in television advertisements can serve the customer as a reminder of the campaign once the display is encountered in the retail space. This creates a psychological synergy that will influence the shopper’s choice of products to your advantage.

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Take Control of Your Product’s Placement

In purely practical terms, using ARNO store displays allows you not only direct control over the small-scale environment your product is presented in – but also a certain degree of indirect control over the positioning within the retail environment. By using wall displays, for example,


you can ensure that your products are being positioned surrounding the retail environment, while free standing display units force the owner of the shop to use more central spaces for positioning your products.


What Types of Shop Displays Can ARNO Provide?

In theory, there are as many types of display units as there are conceivable positions for the unit to occupy within the retail environment. However, for the sake of practicality, three common types of displays have proven most popular with companies, retail store owners and customers alike:


  • One-sided shop displays
  • Free standing displays
  • Counter display units


All of these types of retail displays are defined by their possible positioning within a shop. While this may sound simplistic, the effects of the right choice of position should not be underestimated. For example,

small goods such as sweets or cigarettes can entice spontaneous purchasing decisions by being presented on the checkout counter using point of purchase displays instead of wall shelving. Free standing units, meanwhile, can draw a significant amount of attention simply by their position in the retail space. And the one-sided or wall mounted position in the shop allows for greater height and makes it easier to entice customers to stop and interact with the displays, since they are out of the way of major throughways. All of these types of fittings may be effectively used in conjunction with systems utilising the shop in shop concept. Individual display units can serve as secondary placement to the shop in shop area, thereby maximising the effectiveness of the available retail space for your brand.

Old-fashioned Visual Marketing or Cutting-Edge Multimedia Displays?

One thing to remember is that humans are not limited to the senses of sight and touch which would be engaged by traditional shop display units. It can be of great advantage to provide additional stimuli to the customer. Modern multimedia displays as manufactured by ARNO can encompass the senses of sight and touch by their mere presence, the sense of hearing via a set of speakers, the sense of smell via the controlled emission of scents – and even the sense of taste by providing foodstuff samples on separate stands or sample holders.

One of the most well-established ways of gaining customer attention in this way is the use of video technology in shop displays – since moving pictures are psychologically more interesting to humans than static ones. Today, humanity’s genetic predisposition to activity and play can be harnessed quite effectively by including interactive elements such as touchscreen displays or giving shoppers the ability to try the product out first-hand.

Effective High-Quality Shop Displays Made By ARNO

After reading about all these good reasons for choosing bespoke display units and given the wide variety of possible designs, you might wonder where to acquire such displays. With over 80 years of experience, ARNO stands as one of the leading worldwide creators of high-quality store fixtures and furniture, including shopfitting companies from the UK. Thanks to our generation-spanning experience and extensive portfolio of successful shop display designs, ARNO is able to create the perfect retail displays for your product or brand.

Our history of working with companies from all areas of industry – ranging from fashion and clothes to cosmetics and jewellery to electronics and automotive – allows us to consider all important aspects of shop display design and manufacture. Combined with the fact that the ARNO Group includes native English speakers as well as various other world languages, we can circumvent communication barriers, overcoming potential pitfalls when designing your shop displays with ease.

What Types of Materials Does ARNO Work With?

We pride ourselves on creating shop displays and fittings of particularly high quality, thus ensuring both outstanding looks and longevity. Which is why we work with materials of great structural integrity such as wood, acrylic, glass, plastic or metal.

Cardboard may be a cost-effective alternative, but in our experience, the low quality of the material always shines through the visual design – not to mention the long-term problems with moving a cardboard stand around on a daily basis.

What Does Working With ARNO Look Like?

Among ARNO’s over 250 employees you will find anything from graphic designers to professional carpenters and project managers. This ensures that the entire procedure of creating your shop displays, from the first draft to final production, shipping and even on-site assembly, is handled in-house. Working like this does not only keep our interior and exterior communication quick, but also ensures our shop displays are feasible to


produce and use. We work as closely with you as you like. Hand us your briefing and we will create the perfect display for you – give us only a raw idea and we will work together with you to develop it into a coherent design. During development, we use all available information to come up with the perfect representation of your brand identity either within a generic retail environment or a specific shop:


  1. What is the target audience and retail space?
  2. How has your brand been presented thus far?
  3. Which design elements can transport this brand identity to the target audience?
  4. Which practical features are necessary for the display to function as intended?
  5. How can costs be kept down without the design or construction being compromised?


Once all of these questions have been taken into consideration and the design is finished, we can produce the fixtures quickly and ship them whenever and wherever you need them. From individual display units to shop in shop systems

 or even entire shop fittings, ARNO’s logistics team can provide you with the exact combination of shop displays, shipped directly to the location of your choice and assembled on-site by experienced ARNO employees.

ARNO High-Quality Shop Displays – Worldwide

Thanks to our offices all throughout Europe, we have extensive experience working with customers from various countries. Our employees know the cultural background of the targeted retail market as well as the current national and international trends in visual

design and marketing and current government regulations. Contact us with your briefing and let us show you what we can do. Working closely together, we can create exactly what you were hoping for – and even surprise you with some of our own ideas.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email