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Schlumberger Display 1

when something special is required.

Sparkling wine is an inherent part of Austrian culture, along with coffee and other wines. At the heart of this long-standing culture, the name Schlumberger has been prominent since 1842, as one of Austria’s most notable and traditional wineries and champagne cellars. Even today, Schlumberger bases its success on the ‘Méthode Traditionelle’ of sparkling wine production – an elaborate procedure involving bottle fermentation, usually the reserve of only the finest houses in Champagne. The result is spectacular: in terms of taste and quality, gourmets the world over appreciate the perfection that Schlumberger is able to achieve. When the business approached ARNO with a design challenge, then, it was critical that we matched these same impeccable standards. What it needed was a new display system that could hold

its own in high-end shopping centres, delivering the same unique ‘Schlumberger’ experience created by the company’s products. What we delivered was a seamless blend of tradition and modernity. Elegant, curved shapes are evocative of classical spiral staircases, with highlights inspired by the gold and anthracite corporate colours. Matt lacquer wood and gold foil enhance the feeling of magic and exclusivity, while our strict attention to detail in the finish quality means the display reflects that all-important sense of perfection. In practical terms, an interactive integrated touchpad allows visitors to learn more about the full product range. As befits such a premium solution, the first display has now taken its place in the luxurious surrounds of Berlin’s KaDeWe shopping centre.

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