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Samsonite Display 1


The Samsonite gondola that was developed and produced by ARNO for the travel retail was installed at airports worldwide. It was concepted for the presentation of accessories and small leather goods. Many different products can be placed on this display. The gondola is equipped with blister hooks, sloped shelves, floor pedestals and hooks for bags. Therefore, it can present a variety of goods in a product specific way. To place belts on the display in an appealing manner, ARNO developed a special small display: the belt snail. The belt can be rolled up, placed in the belt snail and be put on the display.

The gondola has an integrated storage depot where goods can be stocked. It is concepted to be located at a central area within the store and therefore makes an optimal use of the space since it is equipped with products at all 4 sides. Due to the requirements of retail, the gondola has a height of 1.40 m so that it does not limit the sight. The logo header is illuminated to catch the consumers‘ attention despite the limited height. Another requirement of retail, in this case airports worldwide, are the exclusive usage of B1 materials which care special fire resisting materials.

Samsonite Display 2
Manufacturer Brand Product Industry Countries
ARNO Wolfschlugen Samsonite Display Samsonite Display Accessories Worldwide