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Retail Furniture is an Important Aspect of Marketing

It has become increasingly obvious that retail furniture is now an integral part of advertising. ARNO has been following these developments for over 80 years, designing, producing and fitting some of the most effective retail furniture for shops all across the globe.


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ARNO creates Retail Furniture for Shopping Experiences

We are the comprehensive one-stop solution for all your retail furniture needs. We create retail fixtures of a variety of different types, from the Free Standing Display Unit to the POS display. We provide services for large-scale advertising solutions such as:



We can create a Shop Design for you, working from a basic layout, then produce, ship and install everything on-site.


This allows us to create a coherent design for all of your stores and to position high-quality retail furniture according to sophisticated customer behaviour models. Alternatively, we offer shop in shop system designs which allow brands to be presented within their own branded space within the retail environment.

When creating our shopfitting solutions, we aim to not only increase sales – we also provide customers with a true shopping experience, engaging all of their senses. As we focus on store designs and shop in shop systems, we are able to guide customers on their journey from beginning to end, with full control over which touchpoints they encounter.

Retail Furniture in the Digital Age

Since we believe that retail design has to focus on providing tactile, entertaining shopping experiences, we do not shy away from including digital elements in our systems. Our furniture can be fixed with multimedia elements, following the latest trends in digitisation by enhancing product displays with everything from interactive touch

screens to wireless functionality. This creates a truly exceptional shopping experience by combining the spheres of retail and online shopping - offering the customer something which a pure online marketplace could never provide.

Material and Environmental Considerations

We combine high-quality designs with high-quality craftsmanship. For this reason, we also use only high-quality materials such as metal, wood, glass or premium plastic. These materials ensure that your furniture successfully engages the customers' visual and tactile senses without suffering from wear and tear due to frequent interaction. We also take great care to work as efficiently and eco-friendly as possible.

We work with manufacturers which are certified under EN ISO 14001 standards to take appropriate measures to limit their environmental footprint. Other certificates, such as those awarded by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) represent our commitment to manufacturing and shipping your furniture in an environmentally-friendly way.

The Basics of Modern Shopfitting Design

Contemporary retail furniture follows a set of guidelines known as Retail Design, a scientific discipline using psychological theory and customer studies to maximise the effect of marketing and provide customers with the best possible shopping experience. ARNO follows these guidelines to create furniture which is both a practical and effective marketing tool. To us, proper retail furniture must:

  • gain the attention of the customer,
  • keep the customer's attention, and
  • create a desire to buy the product.


What may seem like a very basic three-point plan actually involves a lot of work to achieve – but the benefits are more than just worth it.

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Gaining the Customer's Attention...

The most fundamental ability any piece of retail furniture needs to have is the ability to catch the eye of a potential customer, even over a distance and even when surrounded by stores of other products and brands. In order to achieve this, ARNO combines two proven methods of gaining attention: Using visually interesting designs and strong branding. The core of our agency's advertising strategy is branding. ARNO furniture is typically designed to make full use of any existing branding in order to maximise the potential gains from existing marketing campaigns. This means that when you work with us to design your retail furniture, we analyse your brand and come up with ways to convey the core values and attributes of your brand right in the visual design.

Furniture designed in this way can have a psychological effect on the customer simply by clearly displaying the branding, connecting the retail furniture to the emotions created by a parallel marketing campaign. Secondly, retail furniture needs to draw attention on a purely visual basis, even without the benefits of branding. Otherwise, customers who might not be familiar with your brand may not be reached at all – over-reliance on branding can be problematic when trying to reach a new customer base. Thus, ARNO creates retail furniture with an eye on creative designs as well. By providing an unusual and interesting visual appeal, such displays can easily stand out amongst the displays of various competitive brands and products within a multi-brand environment.

...And Keeping It

Once the customer has been invited to pay close attention to your store, you will want to keep their attention to facilitate a purchasing decision. In order to do this, ARNO focuses on interactivity, among other things. Interactivity can be added to various types of retail furniture in different ways, such as:

  • Interactive touch screen interfaces on marketing stands
  • Try-out elements or samples for product displays
  • Elements facilitating product accessibility for shelving units

How much interactivity is included in any one display unit depends on a number of factors, most notably its intended position within a shop. In the checkout area, easy accessibility is more important than interactive try-out elements. Meanwhile, such try-out elements can very successfully be used to set your display apart from other displays within the main showroom.


Facilitating the Purchasing Decision

Once the customer has successfully been attracted, they can be enticed to form a purchasing decision. Our retail furniture achieves this via the same mechanisms which also draw attention to the display in the first place: Visually associating the products on display with values and attributes

which the customer may find desirable. Interactive elements such as try-out areas can further entice the customer by making them familiar with the product and convincing them of its quality first-hand.

What Makes ARNO Special?

Within the international shopfitting industry, ARNO is renowned to offer several benefits which most other business shopfitters simply do not. Aside from our high-quality retail designs and craftsmanship, we stand out amongst shopfitting companies across Europe thanks to our intelligent


organisational structure. Most notably, however, ARNO is a uniquely comprehensive shopfitting business. We handle designing, manufacturing, storing, shipping and even installing your retail furniture.

Retail Furniture for Aveda
Retail Furniture for Aveda

Design and Production with an Eye on Practicality

Many shopfitting companies concentrate entirely on either the manufacturing or the design aspect of the shopfitting profession. This often leads to problems where the initial design of any given piece of retail furniture may have been created without any input from a manufacturing point of view, leading to designs which are simply not feasible for serial production. ARNO prevents this by involving both visual designers and

manufacturing experts during all processes of the design and manufacturing steps. Thus, any of our designs are created with practical considerations in mind throughout the entire process. This prevents the costly back-and-forth between designers and manufacturers, it saves time and it makes sure that the finished product is easy to store, use and clean in the shop.

Efficient Order Picking and Uncomplicated Shipping

Once we have finished your shopfitting designs as well as serial production of your retail furniture, we can store it and ship it to you anytime you need it. Thanks to our highly efficient order picking system, this means that you will be sent precisely those pieces of retail furniture which you need, at a fraction of the time this process requires with other shopfitting companies. Likewise, we can ship efficiently to

almost any place in the world. Thanks to our multilingual staff at ARNO locations in numerous countries in the world – such as the US, the UK, Russia or Turkey – our shipping department is familiar with all required taxes and tariffs which might apply to international shipping in your area. This allows us to significantly cut the time required to get your retail furniture to your store locations worldwide.

Retail Furniture Fashion
Retail Furniture Fashion

On-Site Installation Services and Workforce Instruction

When ordering retail furniture, ARNO also gives you the option of having the retail furniture installed in your shops by our own staff. This way, you can cut down the time and costs associated with using your own workforce for this task.

Naturally, we can also instruct your workers on how to handle, store and install your shop in shop systems or individual pieces. That way, you do not have to rely on external workers when moving your retail furniture around.

The Benefits of Working with ARNO

ARNO offers comprehensive shopfitting services at every stage of the process. And as one of the world's top shopfitters, we provide these services to customers all over the globe. Simply contact us and hand us your briefing. We will create highly functional and perfectly designed retail furniture for your shops or products and ship them to locations worldwide. For you, this means:

  • No communication problems
  • Reliable pricing, thanks to reliable designs and manufacture
  • Always on deadline thanks to in-house organisation
  • Comprehensive after-sales services

And since all of these benefits stem from a combination of highly efficient in-house organisation and the combined expertise of industry veterans from various disciplines, you can rely on competitive prices, no matter which of our services you wish to use.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email