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Retail Design Furniture Created by ARNO Experts

The purpose of retail design furniture is to provide the right surroundings to your product or your brand, and ARNO knows exactly how to achieve this. Our agency combines design expertise with practical experience to create designs which are not only enticing to customers, but can also be produced cost-efficiently and used flexibly.


We design, produce, ship and install a wide variety of different pieces of retail furniture to offer a solution for every marketing need. Our particular focus in this regard is shopfitting and shop in shop systems, although we can also mass-produce individual units for advertising specific products or brands.

Large-Scale Shopfitting

ARNO can help you outfit your stores, creating both the layout and the necessary furniture according to retail design principles. This approach allows us to perfectly coordinate the visual design of your retail fixtures with the layout to create a perfect shopping environment consisting of elements such as:


  • Layout and strategic zoning
  • Customer journey
  • Thoroughfares and customer movement patterns
  • Placement and secondary furniture placement
  • Installation 

This means that once we have analysed the space available within your store, we can create a layout and environment which entices your customers to follow certain patterns of movement. These movement patterns can then be used to deduce the optimal placement for the retail furniture to create touchpoints on the customer journey through your store.


Thus, we can create retail environments which not only provide unique experiences to your customers, but also create purchasing decisions thanks to the combination of high-quality retail design furniture and sophisticated store layouts.


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Shop in Shop Solutions 

Modular marketing systems following the Shop in Shop Concept are a particular staple of our work. Shop in shop systems are designed to create a separate branded area within a greater shopping environment such as the showroom of a mall. Likewise, they allow the shop interior to be perfectly adapted to the available space inside a store, as less important elements can easily be removed. This allows such systems to provide a recognisable layout and design, even if various stores of the same brand have to make do with wildly varying spatial resources.


Our modular design approach allows us to create shop in shop solutions which, once installed, look and feel like fixed retail areas – but their layout can still be changed, as individual display units with different fixtures can easily be interchanged. Thus, the layouts of any of our shop in shop systems can be changed quickly to create a fresh customer experience whenever necessary. And since our retail furniture is designed to be interchangeable in the first place, any combination has a coherent look and feel.

Retail design furniture - modular system
Retail design furniture - modular system

What Do You Expect from Your Retail Furniture Design?

With more than 80 years of experience in the shopfitting industry, ARNO has extensive knowledge of both the international advertising market and the requirements of regional marketing campaigns. We know which design approaches work for the customer and which do not. And as an agency that not only designs but also manufactures retail design furniture, we also know exactly what companies, store owners and staff expect of their shop in shop systems or store designs.

This results in a small list of basic requirements:

  • The design must entice the customer to take notice of the product.
  • It must represent the brand identity perfectly.
  • The design should stand out amongst other brands and products.
  • The individual pieces of furniture need to allow the customer to interact with them.
  • They must be easy to clean and move around.
  • They should be flexible and able to be combined seamlessly.


We are able to satisfy all of these requirements by applying the latest finding of the Retail Design discipline to fully modular retail furniture solutions.

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Attractive Designs and Brand Identity

The primary purpose of retail design furniture is to advertise a product. ARNO does this by following two guidelines for appealing merchandising: creative designs and a focus on branding and creating a memorable customer experience. When it comes to the fundamental visual design of any piece of retail furniture, there are a number of proven strategies to follow: High-quality premium products find their customer base by being marketed with tastefully reserved colours such as black as well as stark but not overly complex shapes. Meanwhile, younger demographics may respond more eagerly to vibrant colours and more daring shapes. However, we at ARNO have found that one thought should always prevail in any design: Creative, unusual shapes and colour choices can have a major impact on customer behaviour. This is because retail design furniture following this guideline will both stand out against a sea of similarly designed displays of other brands and it will immediately draw customers' attention because their eyes are not used to it.


On the other hand, as an experienced Retail Design Agency, ARNO also knows that visually tying a piece of retail furniture to an existing brand identity is a reliable way of gathering the attention of any customers already familiar with the respective marketing campaigns. By choosing colours and shapes similar to those of an already existing campaign, customers will be able to subconsciously link the marketing campaigns to the furniture as well as the products displayed by it. ARNO thus follows a two-pronged strategy, designed to catch the attention of customers who are already familiar with a brand by perfectly portraying the brand's identity as well as the values, attributes and emotions associated with it – while at the same time enticing customers unfamiliar with a brand by using fundamentally creative design elements. Thus, both types of customers are provided with a genuinely enticing retail experience that engages all of their senses.

Retail design furniture - cosmetics
Retail design furniture - cosmetics

Providing Interactivity

All retail furniture needs to provide some measure of interactivity in order to not only catch a customer's attention, but engage them more profoundly. For shelving units, the ability to easily reach any of the products may be sufficient, but for a Point of Sale Design display, for example, it is not. Such touchpoints on the customer journey are specifically meant to generate purchasing decisions – and simply being able to look at the product is often not enough to elicit such a decision from the customer.

Thus, we focus heavily on providing interactive elements in all ARNO retail design furniture. Depending on the purpose of the specific counter display, stand or free standing display unit, this might reach anywhere from designing the display for easy accessibility to interactive touch screens and even hands-on try-out areas. That way, customers who are not already taken in by the visual and aural design of the display can be convinced of your products by creating a fully interactive shopping experience which familiarises the customer with your product.

Practical Aspects of the Design

Even with the best branding and the most interesting visual design, retail furniture may not be ideally suited to its purpose from a purely practical point of view. For example, it might be too fragile to move without chipping or too inconveniently shaped to actually be fit into a showroom next to other displays. If that is the case, your retail furniture may end up gathering dust in storage. In order to prevent this, ARNO works with manufacturing experts with backgrounds in such diverse fields as carpentry and architecture to create displays which are not


only effective from a marketing standpoint but also convenient in everyday use. This feature of ARNO retail design furniture becomes even more important when combined with our extensive after-sales service. Thanks to highly efficient order picking techniques, we can store your units and send even highly specific orders directly to your stores with no additional time delay. With modular furniture, you do not need to have many different furniture types manufactured – you only need the basic furniture and the fixtures relevant to you at any given time.

Example Essence
Example Essence

Quality Management and Environmental Considerations

ARNO realises that producing and shipping modern retail design furniture can come at a notable cost both in terms of the price as well as the environmental footprint. For this reason, we focus on producing our retail furniture with sustainable resources whenever possible. We also optimise the shopfitting process according to environmental and quality considerations –

which is why ARNO is certified according to both EN ISO 14001 an EN ISO 9001. On top of that, our retail design furniture is tested internally before being shipped to you via environmentally-friendly shipping companies, which allows us provide you with high-quality products at a low environmental footprint.

Your perfect Shopfitting Solutions, made by ARNO

You can contact us directly or via our regional offices in the US, the UK, Germany, Russia, Turkey or China to work hand in hand with one of the most experienced, creative and efficient international shopfitting companies. The benefits of working with us are numerous:


  • Creative and feasible designs
  • Modular retail furniture
  • Quick order picking and shipping
  • Comprehensive service

We will work either closely with you at every step of the way, or come up with designs independently, based on your briefing information. That way, you can either take full control of the entire design process or save resources, trusting us to create the perfect retail design furniture for your brand, your product or your stores.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email