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ARNO Responsibility


Quality and sustainability

Values ​​such as quality, sustainability and corporate responsibility are important to us and we have embraced them. ARNO is a family business and has been for 80 years. A strong family group is the best school for developing social and economic responsibility as well as respect for people. These values are deeply rooted in everything we do on a personal and professional level. They bond us to our teams, many of whom spend their entire professional lives working with us. We ensure good working conditions and fair pay for all and at all our locations. We think long term and act sustainably. That is why we work with a great deal of biodegradable materials and have developed lean production processes which have a positive influence on the CO2 balance of projects.

Our ARNO Code of Conduct supports us in our daily business as well as with strategic considerations and related legal or ethical decision-making processes. It is based on corporate principles, visions, UN conventions, applicable laws and relevant standards. We have adopted these strong standards and have achieved full certification which is supported at all levels of our business.

Environmental policy

As a developer and manufacturer of high-quality products and as a responsible employer, we are very focused on minimising our footprint in regards to environmental impact. As an international company with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, China, Turkey and Russia, we are committed to a sustainable and economically compatible environmental policy. A harmonious coexistence between man and nature is our focus. We reconcile technology, progress and the right of future generations to experience sustainable environments. Therefore, we actively encourage our employees to live our values, by minimising the use of scarce resources and to promote the use of environmentally friendly products. The basis of our environmental policy is the certification and permanent improvement of our environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. Thanks to regular analyses of various environmental indicators, we evaluate and optimise our environmental performance. Parallel to our environmental management system, our occupational health and safety policy also conforms to the current ISO 45001 standard.


Furthermore, ARNO has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption since 2020.

We also take part in the initivative "CEOs bekennen Farbe" and are committed to protecting resources through the use of recycled paper.