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How Your POS Display can Make or Break a Sale

With more than 80 years experience in retail design, we know exactly what the point of sale requires and we can create it in the most affordable way. ARNO POS display solutions combine effective branding strategies, creative advertising and economically feasible designs into one.

Branding is one of the most powerful forces in modern advertising and we aim to use it to its full advantage, directly at the point of sale. That is why ARNO POS display solutions are designed to most efficiently convey your brand identity to the retail customer.

Putting Your Brand on Display

We analyse your brand to identify ways of weaving it into the fundamental design of you POS display. ARNO also identifies ways of differentiating your brand from other brands and similar products in view. This is because within a multi-brand environment, brands need to be given their own space, demarcated against the spaces of other brands. This way, the associated values and identifying attributes of other brands cannot influence the customer's impression of your own brand. Thus, customers are prevented from experiencing your brand and competitor brands at the

point of sale as being interchangeable. Effectively conveying a brand via a POS display creates beneficial effects for retail sales. It allows marketing campaigns to be as effective as possible, by visibly tying the design of the display to a marketing campaign which customers may already be familiar with through other avenues such as television or social media. Thus, effective POS display design can maximise the gains of any given marketing campaign simply by reminding the customer of the campaign and the feelings and values associated with it directly at the point of sale.

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Understanding the Point of Sale

While there is strictly speaking no transaction happening within the main showroom, the customers' intent to buy, as the final touchpoint in their customer journey, frequently forms directly at the individual display, no matter where in the shop it is placed. This means that, when designing POP or POS display solutions for any given position within a store – or for shop in shop systems – ARNO facilitates the customer journey by following a number of observations about customer behaviour which are supported by current scientific findings.

These observations are translated into a set of requirements for any POS display:


  • The display needs to be easily visible and recognisable, even from a distance.
  • It needs to look attractive to entice customers to come closer.
  • Once the customer has come closer, the POS display needs to allow customer interaction. 

Depending on the exact placement inside the shop, some of these ideas may be focused on and emphasised. For example, in the retail area directly in front of the checkout counter – the strictest definition of the POS – customers can still be incited to make a spontaneous purchasing decision, but interactivity can actually be a hindrance in this regard. This is because customers who have reached this stage of their shopping trip are usually preoccupied with other concerns such as finalising the transaction and leaving the store.

Creative pos display
Display with light

Creating your POS Display with ARNO

Normally, having a dedicated expert on hand is the ideal solution for any given task. However, when it comes to designing, producing and fitting retail furniture, working with individual experts or even individual companies on each of the many steps to a finished POS display can actually be very detrimental to the process as a whole. For example, your marketing experts and visual designers might be able to create highly effective POS display designs, but these designs might simply not be feasible from a manufacturing standpoint. This typically leads to a lot of

back-and-forth between designers and manufacturers, resulting in additional costs and threatening your deadline. ARNO knows how to prevent such problems. Our staff include everything you need to create your fully customised marketing display for the POS – from merchandising and visual designers to manufacturers, project managers and shipping departments which will get your POS display to your store locations all over the world, always on time. ARNO offers one comprehensive service to cover all your retail shopfitting needs.

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Designing Your POS Display

During the design process for your POS displays or shop in shop systems, our marketing experts, designers and manufacturing professionals collaborate closely with each other, so they can benefit from each other's skill sets at any stage. First, we come up with ideas and the final vision for your merchandising display by answering a few fundamental questions:


  • How do we represent your brand within the specific marketing environment?
  • How do we differentiate your brand from competing brands?
  • How do we most effectively reach the target audience and capture their attention?
  • How do we provide for enough interactivity to positively influence the purchasing decision? 


This stage of the process is not focused purely on the look of your POS

displays, however. Other senses are also of great importance to ARNO point of sale designs. The tactile feeling of your display, for example, is of paramount importance once the customer starts interacting with the display. This is where our manufacturing experts come in. They know which materials to use in order to elicit a certain sensation to the touch, and they know which materials are the most economic options available to provide this effect. Interactivity is an important aspect of POS displays which requires the attention of both designers and manufacturers: How can we create merchandising displays which offer interesting, perhaps even unique, designs without impeding the customers' ability to interact with them? Over 80 years of practical experience in the shopfitting business have taught us that answering this question requires the full attention of experts in both the visual and practical disciplines of the shopfitting profession. And since the inception of multimedia elements, IT professionals also have their place during these deliberations.

Display Manufacturing Options

Our manufacturing experts work hand-in-hand with the designers in order to create designs which are feasible for production and robust enough to withstand the forces acting upon free standing POS displays during daily use. After all, most retail environments require POS displays to be able to withstand anything from moving the POS display in and out of storage to frequent contact with the customer in the retail environment as well as regular cleaning. Our manufacturing experts also need to pinpoint the way in which holders and stands need to be designed in order to perfectly fulfil their merchandising role while fitting the practical requirements of certain display types at the same time:

  • Free standing display units from stands to gondolas
  • Retail furniture systems in accordance with the shop in shop concept
  • Individual POP or POS displays for any position in the store 


This requires more effort than one may think. For example, when creating modular shop in shop systems, our manufacturing experts need to determine a way to allow individual displays to be combined freely without compromising the overall design, usability or stability of the system.

POS Display for smartwachtes & wearables
POS Display for smartwachtes & wearables

Shopfitting Anywhere, Anytime, at Any Scale

Once the design is finished and your POS displays have been manufactured in great numbers, there is another point at which you can benefit from ARNO's all-in-one concept: We take on all the responsibilities associated with actually getting your POS displays to your stores and installing them. We can provide all services which you might need in this regard:


  • Storing your retail furniture for later use
  • Shipping the displays to stores worldwide
  • Installing the displays in your shops
  • Training your staff in how to use the retail furniture 

If you wish, we can also provide you with comprehensive shopfitting services, which means we will not only design and produce bespoke store furniture but also outfit your entire shop with them. This entails everything from shipping the furniture to your shop location and determining the ideal placement to actually fitting your retail furniture perfectly into your store. Such an all-encompassing approach has the distinct advantage of allowing us to fully customise the entire store, creating a coherent customer experience and optimising the effect of each individual POS display at the same time. This is because designing the interior of an entire shop allows ARNO to place POS displays strategically in order to maximise their effect and minimise the influence which different brands might have on each other.

Professional POS Display Solutions at Low Cost

Our comprehensive approach to POS display design, manufacture and shipping has proven to be highly efficient for more than 80 years. Because we provide all necessary shopfitting services in-house, all these processes benefit from low costs, as our designs are always feasible for production and optimised to provide the best possible effect at the lowest price.

Thus, our POS display solutions provide the perfect balance between low production cost and high quality. Simply contact us online with your briefing and we will design, build and install point of sale product holders, advertising stands and displays according to the requirements of your shop, your products and your target audience.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email