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Point of purchase -
Delivering impact where it matters most

Point of purchase (POP) marketing and design – also referred to as point of sale marketing and design – requires experience and expertise. Knowledge of how your retail environment operates, how customers move through it and how they interact with your in-store solutions is vital if appropriate point of purchase displays are to be created. ARNO is a specialist point of purchase manufacturer, with over 80 years’ experience. This experience – allied to an in-depth understanding


of wider retail design, shop displays, and shop fitting – makes us a leader in the field. Since 1936, we have been producing retail fixtures and displays for the point of purchase for customers around the world. With a heritage built on exacting German engineering and processing standards, the quality of our work is unsurpassed and we hold DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 1401 certification.

Covering the entire range of point of purchase solutions

As your retail environment is unique, so to are your requirements for engaging displays at the point of sale. It's for this reason that our solutions are flexible and wide-ranging, covering every in-store requirement.



If you’re looking to sell products more successfully, we can help you increase awareness, encourage interaction and ultimately increase sales. For example, you could use cross-selling techniques to generate more purchases. So you might position a display of saws next to a wall selling wooden boards.

When space might be at a premium – on a sales counter or checkout, for example – we have counter units and solutions that can meet the challenge. Optimised to give greatest product density with minimal space use. And, as you’d expect from specialists in retail design, the units look stunning too. The point of purchase is also a great place to introduce interactive or information displays. Our units allow you to promote the benefits of your products without compromising on the density of merchandise you want to display. They might feature flyers, leaflets, information graphics or perhaps digital displays. Increasingly popular today, digital signage solutions incorporate touch screens and sensors which serve a dual purpose – to give the display maximum impact and to encourage real engagement between the customer and the showcase. Other point of purchase displays that we deliver include floor-based in-store solutions. If you have the space, floor (or ground) sales displays are an excellent means of sharing information on products and giving customers the opportunity to test any products on the spot – representing an outstanding and persuasive sales technique.


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ARNO – a specialist in the production of point of purchase displays

Our designers and manufacturers of POP materials and commercially aware retail experts, we’re constantly focused on achieving the ideal balance between impact, timing, cost, production and delivery. These considerations are uppermost at every stage of the design process, and every material is chosen with these criteria in mind. For this reason, we often use biomaterials or other lightweight alternatives to ensure weight and cost restrictions are met.

With an extensive, global team of retail design specialists, we are continually optimising our processes and procedures, streamlining our operations, training our teams and staying ahead of trends and developments in our industry. Combine this with the fact that ARNO is both the designer and manufacturer of your retail solutions and you have the perfect partner when developing your point of purchase displays.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email