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Bespoke Point of Purchase Displays by ARNO

Throughout the history of retail design, one fact has always held true: Customers are most likely to make spontaneous purchasing decisions at the point of purchase (POP). This means that advertising efforts outside the actual retail environment are more limited in their effectiveness when compared to efforts made via displays within the actual store space.

Recognising and exploiting this fact to maximise sales is an important aspect of any retail shopfitting effort. As ARNO has over 80 years of experience developing high-quality point of purchase displays, we are well aware of this aspect.

The Unique Retail Environment of the POP

The point of purchase (POP) is also frequently referred to as the point of sale (POS). As the two phrases imply, the only difference here is perspective – from the consumer’s point of view, the phrase POP is used while retailers and marketing experts refer to it as the POS. The definition of the actual area being described, however, is always the same: the physical or digital retail environment in which a customer is confronted with the product being sold and often even allowed to interact with it directly. The name derives from the fact that in these areas, the actual sale is finalised, in contrast to other areas outside an actual shop in which advertisements may be employed, but no actual sale can take place. When designing either a series of individual point of purchase displays, shop in shop systems or even the fittings for an entire store, the realities of the POP need to be taken into account. Some of the main features to be expected from a non-digital point of purchase are:

  • Many brands will most likely be positioned in close proximity to
    each other
  • Product-consumer interaction is possible, as the product is
    physically present.
  • Both environment and consumer are focussed on the act of shopping.


Particularly, this last point has an effect on the design of point of purchase displays which should not be underestimated, as it implies the primary customer intention: Customers at the point of purchase intend to make a purchase. Therefore, they do not need to be convinced of buying a product in the first place – they only need to be enticed by the displays to buy the products you want them to purchase.


The Nature of ARNO Point of Purchase Displays

The customer’s intention for entering the point of purchase in the first place should influence all aspects of point of purchase design – from minute details such as the positioning of the products on a shelf and the design of point of purchase displays themselves to the macro scale of the shop layout and zoning. ARNO can help you with each of these levels of POP design, being able to plan, produce and install displays and even entire shops with an experienced eye on the requirements of the point of purchase shopping situation. In our approach, each individual aspect of a shop’s layout and fixtures is a gear in the sales machine,

which is why all of them have to interact perfectly. Our fixtures are built using advanced retail design techniques based on contemporary scientific theory as well as our over 80 years of experience. We are proficient in the creation of various types of furniture from gondola shop displays to free standing display units or counter display units. From a series of individual displays to modular shop in shop systems; our fixtures are designed to combine effective visual marketing with a high degree of interactivity, as experience has shown that interactivity is one major driver of sales within any POP environment.

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Visual Aspects of ARNO Point of Purchase Displays

Given our generation-spanning experience with anything from the mass production of individual display units to entire systems based on the shop in shop concept and full shopfitting services, ARNO knows exactly how to increase sales in a point of purchase environment by employing effective visual design for all displays:


  • Recognisable branding
  • Visual distinction from surrounding brands
  • Eye-catching designs
  • Efficient use of multimedia elements


Regardless of which shopping situation the displays are used for, it is important that the designs give off the right impression without delay, as the point of purchase tends to be filled with various products and

brands all vying for the customer’s attention. When customers enter the store space with the intention of buying a specific product, our design approach allows you to maximise the potential of additional spontaneous purchasing decisions by craftily catching the consumer’s eye. To create point of purchase displays exploiting spontaneous behaviour, our team includes creative minds from various complementary professions – from designers and marketing experts to professional builders and architects. In combination with decades of experience working on successful projects for various brands and products, this allows us to consider the exact effects of the visual design in accordance with the retail environments the displays are to be employed in. We know how to make a fixture stand out even within a crowded POP featuring multiple brands competing for customer attention.

Point of Purchase Displays for Drinks

What Are the Practical Advantages of ARNO Point of Purchase Displays?

The truly unique aspect of ARNO’s shopfitting process, however, is the fact that our team not only includes people who know how to create attractive displays, but also people who know how to realise them in a realistic and cost-efficient way without negatively impacting the designs. Some of these include: engineers, carpenters, metalworkers and many other manufacturing experts. This approach also means that our retail fittings will not only serve their marketing purposes but they will be convenient to handle in everyday use. Regardless of the complexity of their designs, our point of purchase displays can be moved around freely when changing store layouts. They may even be fashioned with a modular


layout, allowing you to exchange elements of your displays whenever necessary. Our point of purchase displays are always manufactured in series with an eye on usability, structural integrity and longevity. Using the right materials, advanced structural architecture and high-precision manufacturing methods ensure they are more than just fit for purpose. To add to this, ARNO also provides installation services for all our POP displays and display systems – our employees are familiar with every aspect of the design and know how to assemble and install your point of purchase displays in the context of any infrastructure, even on
short notice.


Outfitting an Entire Shop

Since every aspect of the design of a shop is important to the ultimate influence it has on the customer, designing and outfitting a point of purchase in its entirety is one of ARNO’s main focuses. This service includes a variety of stages, such as:


  • Analysing customer behaviour patterns
  • Store zoning and layout
  • Creating bespoke displays, gondolas and other fixtures
  • Strategic primary and secondary placement


Within the combination of these individual aspects lies the core of point of purchase shopfitting on all levels: First of all, the shop layout must reflect and exploit customer behaviour patterns. For example, the distances between essential goods need to be maximised in order to force

customers to pay attention to other items in the entire store.  However, distances must not exceed regular customer behaviour in order to prevent the shopping experience from becoming a burden. On a smaller scale, individual display series must exploit customer behaviour both in terms of their design and their position within the store. For example, designing displays to show products at eye level will almost infallibly lead to increased sales of the respective products, while effective secondary placement of displays can constitute the final push for a spontaneous purchase. Comprehensive and cohesive shop design requires that all elements work together perfectly. Thus, shop owners should consider having their stores fit by professionals. Mismatching fixtures without an overarching strategy is not conducive to maximising sales and ARNO can help you achieve your store’s full potential by outfitting your store space in its entirety.

Point of Purchase Displays for Cosmetics

ARNO Long-Term Service

Thanks to our highly efficient logistics team, ARNO can ship the exact point of purchase displays you require from your total order to your stores anywhere in the world. Our advanced order picking system ensures error-free and on-time delivery, even on short notice. Thanks to our organisation as an international business, we can even avoid many of the normal pitfalls of international shipping, such as steep import duties or customs hold-ups. ARNO is specialised in the serial production

of retail fixtures, meaning that we can provide you with large quantities of point of purchase displays employing your particular design quickly and in reliable quality. During the entire display creation process, you benefit from our in-house organisational structure, providing you with reliable channels of communication. As we are staffed by native speakers of many international languages, response times as well as errors due to language-based miscommunication are impossible.

ARNO Quality Point of Purchase Displays

From visual to structural aspects, we know how to design point of purchase displays. Hand us your briefing document and we will show you how one of the most acclaimed shopfitting companies from the UK,

Turkey, Germany, Russia, China or the United States does business. We can realise your POP-based vision with great cost effectiveness, quickly and reliably.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email