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Partner & Supplier

Partner and supplier management

Partner & Supplier

We have a broad supplier network. To ensure compliance with our standards along our value chain, we have developed a four-part supplier analysis.


In the first step, a potential new supplier receives a questionnaire in which compliance with labour and human rights as well as sustainability standards must be confirmed.

If all requirements are confirmed in writing, we get an overview of the actual situation on site. If suppliers refuse to sign our Code of Conduct or if a general violation is identified, we do not include them in our supplier base.

If all requirements are met, an initial enquiry is placed. During the internal evaluation, the team decides whether the supplier is to be included in our network on the basis of the quality delivered as well as the cooperation (communication, adherence to delivery dates).

Regular audits and/or visits are carried out at all suppliers to ensure that the quality of the standards is permanently guaranteed.

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