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OSRAM: A bright spot in the DIY stores

The new modular system for OSRAM illumination which was developed by ARNO brightens dreary DIY stores. The smart system stands out due to its functionality, eye-catching branding and clear arrangement - characteristics that support the long-term uplift in sales. The primary objective of the system is to offer flexibility in terms of product stocking and displaying. This is achieved through the exchangeable demo boards consisting of ceiling and wall modules as well as the track

system. ARNO individually equips the demo boards with OSRAM illumination products. The systematic category management is achieved through the subdivision of the display into demo area, informational area and stocking area. More than 600 systems are being delivered or planned for the Europe-wide roll-out. Whether in Spain, France, Italy, Norway or Luxemburg; ARNO guarantees a flawless installation at every location.


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