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ARNO at the DLD 2016

ARNO at the DLD 2016


Over 150 speakers and 1000 attendees touched base at Europe’s most important digital conference last week. For the 12th time, the most influential opinion makers, industry leaders, start-ups and digital giants were brought together in Munich to unveil THE NEXT NEXT and discuss the hottest trends, developments and chances of the digital world. “It is very important to timely recognize and discuss new trends, which will determine the future” says Alien Wolter, Managing Partner. In the past, the power of the retail area was with the retailer and the brand. Nowadays, the consumer’s requirements have much more power.

The digitalization takes over all areas of life. The online and offline trade merges more and more and the consumer takes a smooth shopping experience with all touchpoints for granted. But what impact does this have on the retail design of the future? ARNO has the answer.


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