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Making Christmas dreams come true

Making Christmas dreams come true


At ARNO, helping children who need it most is a cause close to our heart. That’s why we’ve taken the decision not to send Christmas gifts to clients this year, instead making a donation to the children’s emergency department in Stuttgart’s youth centre. In the hope of creating a brighter future for the centre’s young people, we put together a package including badly needed educational materials. 


Most of the centre’s residents – from different countries of origin – are aged between 4 and 16, and have already experienced hardship and difficult times. Taking the opportunity to visit the centre, we got to know the children personally, which was a deeply moving experience.


A big ‘thank you’ goes to Mr. Hennig, director of the emergency department, along with Mrs. Nilgün Tasman, due to her professional and unwavering support for ARNO’s fundraising campaign.


Furthermore, we are delighted that we were able to make 50 “Sterntalerkinder” Christmas-wishes come true this year.The Nürtingen charity are running a campaign which helps families in need at this time of year. The children are asked to write their Christmas wishes on little stars, hoping to receive their most wanted Christmas gift. Our ARNO employees pick one star each and fulfill the children’s wishes. A big thank you to all ARNO-employees who made their contribution to this extraordinary campaign.


On behalf of all of us, we’d like to wish you a very happy Christmas, as well as thanking you for your continuous support in the past, present and hopefully long into the future!