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Impulse Paris

Impulse Paris: Trends in the cosmetics sector

What is going on in the cosmetics sector and what are the latest trends internationally? To be up to date constantly, ARNO travels regularly to the big metropolis of the world and uses the gained impressions and knowledge when creating new designs and concepts. This time, we travelled to Paris - the centre of fashion and make-up.


A development that can be observed is the orientation towards luxury. Something that we have been observing for cosmetic products for a long time is now more and more true for other sectors, too. The desire to show a premium presentation at the POP, also for mid-price products. No matter what product - cars, kitchen accessories or illuminants – the brands are taking the POP installations of the luxury brands as a benchmark. Another thing that we observed, especially for cosmetic products, is the love of detail. Frills. Flowers. Glass bells. No effort seems to be high enough to direct the attention to the product, to trigger the customer’s emotions and to make a memorable impression.

Another important element is the choice of materials. The emotions are at the centre. A wide contrasting variety of material is key. Glossy acrylic and matt materials. Surface textures that stimulate the senses due to their extraordinary optics. The use of such special materials suggests a high quality. The nature of the material refers to the product.


The appearance is more and more characterised by the growing application of LEDs. Only very few cosmetic bars can do without LED illumination in the mass market today. The staging of products is created by illuminating them optimally. The colour of the light suggests the mood and the value of the products. And another thing has changed substantially: the test products are becoming more important, the stock products lose importance. The shift has taken place due to the service orientation. The luxury brands optimise this aspect by consulting customers at the point of sale, maximising the service concept.