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Commitment to protection of resources

Commitment to protection of resources

Sustainability and the moderate use of resources is part of the ARNO corporate philosophy.


As Managing Partner of the ARNO Group, Alien Wolter is committed to the initiative "CEOs bekennen Farbe", which advocates the protection of resources through the use of recycled paper.


For ARNO, quality is inextricably linked with a moderate use of the available resources. We pass on this claim both through our products and within our business processes.


The use of secondary fiber papers is a fundamental element in protecting the environment. ARNO consistently focuses on sustainability with prints and uses recycled paper in all company areas.


Recycled papers with the Blue Angel have excellent processing properties, have ecological advantages and symbolize our understanding of values for sustainable business and social responsibility to the outside world. This is how we create a win-win situation for the benefit of people and the environment.

(Translation of the statement that is currently available in German only)