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Tech Open Air Festival in Berlin

Tech Open Air Festival 2017 in Berlin


ARNO creative team attended the Tech Open Air Festival (TOA) in Berlin to hear from a number of intriguing speakers about technologies of the future. The four-day event took place in the breathtaking ‘The Haus of Tech’ venue filled with bizarre displays, 200 speakers and new insight knowledge which will be shared with our clients. TOA delivered an event which inspired and connected individuals from interdisciplinary backgrounds to exchange knowledge and collaborate.


The event delighted with an enormous range of speeches, e. g. about technology integration in health science on how to prevent diseases or the integration of technologies and humans (cyborg). Other fascinating talks were on smart homes, virtual reality supported advertising, creative AI, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing and human experience (HX) were covered over the week. The talk on facial recognition in airports was particularly of interest as its direct parallel with retail business. In addition, the innovative thoughts on data usage for the optimization of UX and design was also of particular value to ARNO. We would be pleased to discuss the above-mentioned topics with you:

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