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Retail Summit 2017

Opening talk at this year’s Retail Summit


ARNO did the opening talk at this year’s Retail Summit in London. Vejay Vyas, Creative Director at ARNO, presented on ‘Evolution or Extinction’, sharing insights and giving tangible tools to help retailers evolve their brand. Retail brands fall short to truly connect on an emotional level with their customers. We at ARNO have evolved to meet the challenges in helping brands create that emotional connection between brand and customer. ARNO developed key drivers to help retailers create theatre in retail environments.  These key drivers are: 1. Emotion, 2. Experience and 3. Empowerment. Vejay said, “Brands can use our human senses which lead to emotions and those emotions are what lead to the purchase.  It’s about selling dreams, not products. How many goosebumps per suqarefeet are you generating in your stores?”.


Vejay summarised his talk by providing 3 tips for retailers to adopt in their business.


  1. Think Broader –always focus on innovation at the top of your retail strategy agenda plans and not be stifled with organizational processes, operational overhead and reductions.

  2. Look Closer – always excite and delight the customer with little moments of magic and surprise.

  3. Think Younger – as brands we need to have young minds with fresh ideas to keep challenging the conventional thinking.

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