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Microsoft Display 1

Microsoft Display

As Microsoft’s preferred supplier for retail furniture and displays, we were tasked with developing, manufacturing and installing the new flagship range of display tables for Microsoft’s premium range of devices, Microsoft Surface. To ensure the end result would leave customers with a powerful impression, we used a careful selection of materials and components in the final design: corian, walnut veneer, a strong steel frame construction, high-end LED lighting, fabric graphics, brushed stainless steel and InVue Security Systems. We also produced

digital towers with screens and updatable content in order to quickly and directly promote the product benefits. The display tables allow customers to enjoy a full immersive experience with the products before buying. From prototyping to the installation, it only took four months to implement the tables. In total, we produced over 800 units for retailers in 16 European countries. The impressive effect of the display tables has not gone unnoticed amongst retailers and customers and we’re pleased to note that sales in Surface products has also been positively impacted.

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