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ARNO Marketing Display Solutions

Our marketing display units are designed to not merely hold your products at the point of sale – they are an integral part of the merchandising effort. Following this strategy, ARNO has been one of the most successful companies of the shopfitting industry for over 80 years. Marketing display units are the perfect way of drawing the eye of the

customer to your brand or product. Some may include product samples and interactive try-out elements – mobile phone displays with the phones securely attached but operable being prime examples. Others may simply be informational displays with printed graphics or digital video screens.

Our Design Philosophy

No matter which type of marketing display you are looking for, all of them need to be able to gain the undivided attention of the customer. Aside from effective branding, creative designs can be particularly helpful to a display in this regard. This is because design choices which break with established advertising conventions have a notable chance of sticking out

in any advertising environment, regardless of their exact position. Thus, ARNO is ready to create retail furniture which combines effective, recognisable branding with a twist of creative energy to maximise its marketing potential. Our marketing display solutions stand out in any retail environment.

What Kinds of Displays does ARNO Create?

When designing marketing display units, we put particular emphasis on your brand identity. Whenever possible, our designs are focussed on conveying the attributes and values associated with your brand at a glance. After all, multi-brand environments always run the risk of blurring the lines between brand identities. We believe that, when you have spent great sums to establish a brand, you should not see your efforts go to waste because your products have been shelved thoughtlessly.

Thus, we create a variety of advertising display types, such as:


  • POS displays with product samples
  • Portable free standing display units
  • Informational marketing stands
  • Counter display units


For all of these advertising display solutions, interactivity is the key to success. Marketing displays showing the actual products

need to allow the customer to touch or maybe even try out the product, while even purely informational marketing displays with no actual product samples should include some form of interactivity. Today, digital multimedia marketing displays are the perfect way of introducing interactivity into a type of display which previously had to work only on a visual or aural level. ARNO has recognised this and offers interactive multimedia solutions such as digital touch screen marketing displays created with the help of our IT experts.

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What is important to Marketing Display Design?

When designing displays, either individually, as part of a shop in shop system or to fit an entire store, the future location of the display and its purpose are central to the actual design. For example, since a purely informational stand does not require a lot of hands-on interactivity, its shape and design can be much more delicate without risking a lot of physical damage over time. Likewise, the exact nature of the product can


change the focus of the marketing effort. For many customers, the point at which they can actively try out a tool or try on some clothes is the point at which their customer journey is complete and they arrive at a purchasing decision. On the other hand, some products, such as entertainment media, cannot be easily demonstrated in a store – here, another approach needs to be chosen when designing a marketing display.


Fitting an Entire Shop

We offer full shopfitting services with bespoke POS marketing solutions, shelving systems, free standing gondolas and whatever else your business may need. This allows us to match all of your retail furniture perfectly, creating a coherent visual effect while strategically placing displays in relation to other pieces of retail furniture. This not only maximises their advertising effect on the customer, it also enables us to precisely shape

the customer journey within your retail environment. Naturally, our shopfitting retail furniture is designed to be highly modular so it can be used in a variety of different configurations. This means that once we have fitted your shop, you still have the option of changing the layout as frequently and as drastically as necessary to keep the customers' shopping experience fresh.

Shop in Shop Displays

We can also create smaller-scale modular display systems on the basis of the shop in shop concept. Here, we create various advertising displays, marketing stands and counters designed to fit together perfectly in various configurations and to create a small store within a store in the process.

This is particularly useful for fully distinguishing a brand from similar brands which might be displayed nearby in the same retail environment. Thus, the user experience within the shop in shop area can be detached from that of the overall shop, which can be highly beneficial to sales.

Comprehensive Retail Furniture Services

ARNO is your business specialist when it comes to retail furniture that benefits from all the latest findings of retail design. As such, when we create a marketing display for you, we can provide you with a variety of

services, from the basic design to serial production as well as shipping and fitting. Every step of the way, from the initial idea to the finished product, is done in-house at ARNO, which provides several benefits to you.

Decreased Design and Production Costs

ARNO's approach has a notably positive impact on your bottom line, not simply because of increased sales thanks to proper marketing, but because of decreased costs as well. Normally, when trying to build professional POS or POP displays, you need to hire a visual designer of your choice, a manufacturer of your choice as well as a shipping company to carry the finished units to your stores. The disadvantages of this rather complicated approach are significant: Notably, your visual designers may come up with marketing display ideas which, in terms of manufacture,

are not feasible at all. Often, this only becomes obvious once the finished design has already been handed to the manufacturing company. In such a situation, you will need to take it back to the designer for additional work. With ARNO, such additional costs are simply unnecessary, as we create all our marketing display solutions in-house, using a tight-knit team of marketing experts, designers and manufacturers. Thus, we make sure that all of our advertising designs are entirely feasible from the very start, avoiding costly back-and-forth.

Design Marketing Display
Design Marketing Display

Services According to Your Needs

When creating a display system for you, we can either start with the design process or work with a pre-defined design supplied by you. And even in such a situation – when you have your ideas for the design of your marketing display already firmly set in stone – the great number of cross-disciplinary advertising experts at ARNO can still offer you immense benefits. We can determine the feasibility of your design and offer suggestions as to what practical considerations have to be made to build the actual marketing display. For example, our company has the experience necessary to know which materials may fit your design on both

a visual and tactile level, while also providing enough structural strength to keep your portable marketing display in shape despite frequent use. And, of course, we can offer suggestions for materials or changes to your idea which do not impact its effectiveness, but reduce costs significantly. Likewise, we can work closely with your business or entirely independently from you – depending on your preferences. We are happy to involve you at every step of the way, but we can also independently work out the perfect solution for your marketing display according to your briefing,

On-Site and Shopfitting Services

Once your marketing display, POS display, free standing display unit or any of the many other retail furniture solutions we offer has been designed and produced in series, we can either simply have them shipped to you or ship them to you and install them on-site as well. Furthermore, our product experts can instruct your staff on how to use your marketing

display. This includes learning how to set up and maintain your advertising displays, and, in the case of an entire modular marketing display system, learning how to combine individual modular units together, both from a promotional point of view and from a practical one.

International Marketing Displays
International Marketing Displays

International Service

ARNO has regional company offices all over the world. This means that you can contact us directly in many countries ranging from Turkey to the UK. When looking for marketing display designs, contacting our regional company offices provides several notable benefits:

  • No language barrier – our company staff are proficient in numerous languages
  • Shorter delays – Working within the same time zone improves communication
  • Appropriate designs – Our staff are familiar with cultural norms in your country
  • Easy shipping – We know all taxes and tariffs applicable to shipping to your country 

Thanks to these advantages, our international displays are able to combine the best in German manufacturing and technical design with visual designs appropriate and effective in your regional market. Naturally, we also take into account local infrastructure such as power sources or internet connectivity for digital multimedia displays.

ARNO Retail Furniture

When looking for companies to design, produce, ship and install your marketing display, look no further. ARNO creates cutting-edge retail furniture for any environment. You are looking to advertise your product or market your brand? Or are you planning on fitting your retail stores worldwide with matching furniture?

Simply contact us online and we will work out a way to create the perfect display for your shop, fitting both your marketing needs and your practical requirements. Whether you already have a briefing or you are still weighing up ideas, we will help you get the professional furniture you need.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email