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Every year we are facing the same exciting decisions. What travel destination to pick for the next vacation? Which places are waiting to be discovered? Which sights are wishfully hoping for visitors? Marco Polo inspires adventurous travellers with unique and individually arranged guidebooks. The recently in Stuttgart installed Marco Polo shop in shop system shows the vast amount of guidebooks that portrait travel destinations. A 40 inch big screen which is positioned at the centre of the installation catches the attention right away. Since late May, the customers of the renowned Stuttgart-based book store Wittwer have been benefitting from the new, clearly structured and colourful designed wall installation that invites to discover unkown spots. But just as much as customers looking for inspiration, travellers who know their destination already will find their desired guidebook quickly. These customers are directed to the respective guide thanks to the alphabetical order and a labelling system with letter clips.

The letter clips can be repositioned anywhere on the shelf bar to allow for a rearrangement of the books. The branded header, a graphic and two large posters create a strong long distance effect. Below the posters, customers find two highlight areas that point out the current top sellers. Additionally, this area can be used to place flyers. The system is equipped with two drawers where maps are presented and stored. The individually designed seating area, which was realized in the colours of the guide books, invites customers to stay and take a closer look at the products. Its colour scheme is a perfect match and integrates the seating area perfectly into the overall branding. ARNO was not only praised by Wittwer representatives who were very happy with the smooth and sound installation. Also, MAIRDUMONT’s Head of Marketing was very happy with the implementation of the shop in shop system: “The shelf system looks absolutely excellent. Thank you very much!”

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