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The new MALU WILZ flagship store in Berlin, which opened in June 2016, is an innovative and leading example of how a beauty brand can stand out with smart store design. MALU WILZ - a well-known beauty brand that provides innovative make-up to professional make-up artists was looking for an elaborate concept to showcase its entire range of products and services in a brand new flagship store in Berlin. ARNO worked with MALU WILZ to create a design that not only reinforces the brand’s exclusivity, but also takes customers on an irresistible beauty journey as soon as they step into store. By creating carefully-designed, easily distinguishable store areas, we’ve made it simple for customers to find the products and services they are looking for. The brand experience unfolds at the front of the store. Large-scale graphics serve to orientate new visitors and catch their attention, whilst mood lighting, a warm and inviting colour pallette, and carefully-selected materials cement their brand enjoyment. You can find an innovative shop-in-shop concept, shaped and characterised by black metal bars to create a

calm, harmonious and professional environment – a few colourful highlights create a visual contrast to the calm. MALU WILZ products are presented on feature displays - encouraging customers to test them. With focused lighting, catching and highlighting the shape of the area, we’ve formed a sort of stage for the products to shine out in. Along the walls of the store, lip, eye and face cosmetics are clearly displayed in separate categories to make browsing easy. Diverse materials, such as wood and metal, are used to segment the different product groups. Counters with special inserts are also in place offering customers the chance to view the entire range of goods in a structured way, which is easy on the eye. For spontaneous purchases, we’ve created a fast make-up counter near the window. And for more in-depth make-up consultations, we’ve provided a separate area on the first floor. There is also a day spa with treatment rooms on the same floor, along with a nail spa so customers can enjoy manicures and pedicures

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