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Lexus Store Case Study 1

A beautiful concept with a cost saving of up to 26%

The Project: We have worked with Lexus for over 10 years and, in that time, have  created bespoke displays and systems for over 500 of its showrooms. Our challenge was to value engineer the ‚Lexus Retail concept 2020‘ whilst maintaining the exclusive look and feel. Called the Lexus Retail Concept 2020, the project required us to develop furniture using the very best materials and interactive media technology, manufacture the items for installation, and then install the systems across 275 showrooms within 18 countries.


Value Engineering: At Arno, value engineering is done unsolicited and is free-of-charge for all our clients. For that reason, we began by examining the Lexus project for possible time, cost, quality and production otimisations, whilst being mindful of important industry safety regulations. Our work uncovered areas where we could make improvements and, as a result, we were able to generate a cost saving up to 26% for Lexus.

Production and Storage: Our final showroom furniture used a unique mixture of materials, including high-quality leather and exclusive types of wood and metal. Not surprisingly, this created a high-level of sourcing complexity. Our solution was to source the individual components internationally, from third-party suppliers, and then assemble the final systems at ARNO headquarters. For quality assurance, we carried out a continuous sampling procedure during this phase.  The final 45 pieces of furniture created by ARNO and the 128 pieces of furniture made by third-party suppliers were stored in our logistic center.


Distributors Support and Logisitics: Due to the diversity of distributors, it was a challenge to satisfy the numerous specific requirements of each. To solve the problem, we created customised performance packages. These meant individual offers for each distributor, customised packaging concepts (including production of packaging elements and order picking) and customs clearance for the particular destination country.

Installation and After Sales Service: To ensure everything runs smoothly with our installations, we always make sure that at least one member of the ARNO team is able to speak the native language of the destination country. This was also true of the Lexus installation. We also document the building, the commissioning and the final quality control within an acceptance report to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. On this particular project, to save Lexus more costs and time, we delivered the showroom furniture at the same point that installation team arrived in the country. Our excellent service didn’t end there. After the delivery of the new showroom furniture, we provided comprehensive after-support for Lexus. Replacement parts, question about maintance and care, renewed furniture runs – the ARNO After Sales Service takes care of all customer requests and details.

Conclusion: This was an international, highly-complex roll out, with a maximum of quality requirements and many individual customer requests. Lexus knew that ARNO would be a partner capable of thinking, managing and optimising from the beginning. For this reason, LEXUS chose ARNO. And it has been a hugely successful partnership to date.