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Lapp Kabel Display 1


ARNO designed and developed a striking and individual display for the presentation of the product categories Skintop and Ölflex for Lapp Kabel. The display can be set up along with a palette or a shelf system offering great flexibility. Several products such as the Skintop case with cable glands and the Ölflex power and control cables can be presented

on the display. The stock products can be found on the palettes or shelves next to the display. The highlight of the Lapp Kabel display is its in-built 18.5“ wide screen. It is equipped with a motion sensor that starts to play special content once a customer approaches. The video content is fed through the player which is integrated into the screen.

Lapp Kabel Display 2
Lapp Kabel Display 3
Lapp Kabel Display 4
Lapp Kabel Display 5
Lapp Kabel Display 6
Lapp Kabel Display 7
Manufacturer Brand Product Industry Countries
ARNO Wolfschlugen Lapp Kabel Display Lapp Kabel Display Elektronics GER, USA