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Kabel Deutschland


The eye-catching look of the new Kabel Deutschland stores is characterized by the company logo that is the common theme within the entire store. ARNO won the nationwide tender and immediately started the optimization of all furniture elements which are made of a combination of materials such as wood, fabric, metal and acrylic plastic. In total, there are twelve furniture items and optional add-ons.

Among these are counters with header elements, seating and wall installations. Also, a part of the system are backlit logos and lettering, digital signage components and security devices for tablets and mobile phones. ARNO produces the sophisticated furniture items with their organic, asymmetric shape and delivers them all over Germany. Depending on the shop size, ARNO installs within 24-48 hours.

Ladenbau Kabel Deutschland
Kabel Deutschland Store Sitzmöbel Counter
Kabel Deutschland Store Vorne
Tablet Sicherung im Kabel Deutschland Store
Kabel Deutschland Logo beleuchtet
Kabel Deutschland Store

ARNO Wolfschlugen

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