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Free Standing Display Units -
Maximise the Impact of Your Brand

In a contemporary shopping environment, it literally pays to stand out. Having your products displayed in free standing display units (FSDUs), either on the main shop floor or directly at the point of sale (POS), drives sales, as both your brand and your product stand apart from the competition. However, smart placement alone is not sufficient to optimise


an FSDU’s impact on the customer – it also has to be fashioned according to advanced retail design principles. You have a strong partner in ARNO for exactly that – FSDU design, manufacture and supply featuring a unique combination of technical expertise and creativity.

How FSDUs Drive Sales and Improve Brand Recognition

If effective retail and point of sale design are ways of persuading customers to buy products, then free standing display units are a way of reaching even the most strong-willed among them. This is because these types of displays are designed to literally stand alone in an exposed position instead of seamlessly integrating into the general shelving and display layout of a store. This allows free standing units to gain customer attention much more effectively because this type of fixture can be immediately recognised as a separate element of the floor layout.


Free standing display units can be employed in various positions throughout the store – they are, after all, fully independent fixtures requiring no counter tops or shelving units for placement. They simply stand on any part of the floor under their own structural integrity. That being said, since the main purpose of FSDUs is to draw attention to themselves and to the products, they are very frequently employed in the position of point of purchase displays.


However, depending on the spatial situation and layout of the POS, it can often be more prudent to use counter displays in this position instead. If this is the case, free standing display units are perhaps most effective when used to break up a relatively straightforward shop floor layout. For example, an FSDU immediately draws attention to itself if it is positioned in such a way as to break up the monotonous flow of shelving unit rows. However, designing such free standing displays to function reliably both in terms of visual marketing and everyday usability is a science in itself. With over 80 years of shopfitting experience, ranging from the design and manufacture of individual counter display units to creating entire systems based on the shop in shop concept, ARNO is on the forefront of shopfitting companies from the UK, Germany, China, Russia and Turkey. As such, we can offer free standing display units which not only work in terms of their visuals, but in practical respects as well. Our approach to FSDUs has various benefits for both shop owners and companies wishing to sell their products.


Free Standing Display Units from the Shop Owner’s Perspective

To the owner of a store, FSDUs are one more option in the retail arsenal. Using them, products that have a high number of expected sales can be placed separately, making them easier for the customers to find among the plethora of stocked items. Since ARNO does not produce cardboard stands, using only high-quality materials such as wood or glass, our free standing display units are also more than fit to display premium products. This approach to product presentation can drive sales by increasing the visibility of premium products, enticing customers to chose more expensive high-quality goods displayed more openly in free standing display units than when they would otherwise have simply chosen the cheapest product available from one of the ordinary shelves.

When more sophisticated methods of retail design are employed, the floor plan may also be set up in such a way as to actively shape purchasing patterns using FSDUs. By placing free standing display units at strategic locations which customers are likely to look at or pass by, the marketing potential of the products on display is effectively maximised. Of course, it is also entirely possible to position free standing display units in such a way as to direct customer movement patterns throughout the shop. One of the simplest examples of this technique is setting up an FSDU in the middle of a major thoroughfare. Even though there is still enough space for customers to move around it on either side, they will inevitably slow down and pay attention to the stand, as it is instinctively identified as an obstacle.


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The Benefits of Free Standing Display Units for Product Manufacturers

Of course, these shop owner benefits can also be considered as benefits for the product manufacturers. However, there are additional aspects to the use of free standing display units which benefit the companies behind the products in particular. FSDUs provide:


  • Increased product visibility and customer attention
  • Increased brand awareness and recognition
  • ifferentiation from surrounding competing units, brands and products

One important function of free standing display units from a company’s point of view lies in supporting product launches or promotions. ARNO knows exactly how to tie-in the design of free standing displays with that of existing marketing campaigns. Placing newly released products in branded packaging on high-quality custom FSDUs is guaranteed to draw customer attention to the stand and immediately trigger the recollection of an existing marketing campaign using visual media such as television adverts.


ARNO’s Expertise with FSDU Design

As a professional shopfitting business, we have been creating bespoke free standing displays and stands for many decades now. However, we do not simply manufacture the FSDUs, ARNO can also design them from scratch. Our approach to the process is quite unique – our team includes not only graphic designers but marketing experts, architects, technicians, engineers and highly experienced carpenters as well. Taking both design and feasibility into account from the very first step, ARNO’s FSDU creation process guarantees our free standing display units to be both effective in marketing terms as well as thoroughly feasible for construction and everyday use. Since we design our free standing display units to be built using the most efficient manufacturing techniques

techniques and materials without impacting the design negatively, we also work very cost-efficiently. This dual approach has proven successful throughout various projects. Our portfolio includes everything from individual free standing display units to entire modular shop systems and from designs for electronics shops to cosmetics brands. This gives our team an additional edge – our experience working on FSDUs for a wide variety of products and brands gives us both the insight necessary to create effective designs for free standing display units in any given area of industry, but also a macro-scale overview of contemporary market trends which a highly specialised team would lack.

FSDU Manufacturing Quality and Logistics Excellence

Once the design is finished, your free standing display units are manufactured in our production facilities. Using the latest in furniture manufacturing technology, individual parts are fashioned to comply with strict quality standards prior to assembly. Our decades of experience in manufacturing free standing display units has taught us that a high quality of manufacture and assembly guarantees longevity and usability of the finished FSDUs every bit as much as choosing high-quality materials in the first place.

Once your free standing display units have been manufactured, our experienced logistics department can provide quick and efficient order picking services, allowing us to ship exactly what you need to wherever you need it – even on short notice. Even quick international shipping is no problem for our efficient team of skilled professionals. And thanks to ARNO’s organisation as an international group and our shipping department’s detailed knowledge of import duties all over the world, we can also keep costs for importing your FSDUs as low as possible.


Creating Free Standing Display Units

Of course, all of these steps in the process from the initial planning to the final shipping of your FSDUs are performed with full consideration of your input. You can either hand us a detailed outline of your ideas and creative vision or let us develop one from scratch, giving us input as we go. Our highly effective in-house organisation ensures that communication 

between ARNO and you is always quick and changes can be worked into the design at any stage prior to manufacture. Because of this, when free standing display units are needed for product launches, their design can even be coordinated in parallel with the planning of the associated marketing campaign.

High-Quality Bespoke FSDUs Made by ARNO

There are numerous benefits of incorporating free standing display units into your floor plan or your product-marketing concept, to name a few – greater visibility and brand recognition and the ability to shape customers’ purchasing patterns. ARNO has provided these benefits to numerous companies already. Our bespoke FSDUs are designed from the ground up to feature both highly effective visual design as well as practical usability and longevity.

ARNO creates bespoke free standing display units for use all over the world. Simply contact us and our project management team consisting of native speakers of your regional language will work hand in hand with you to realise your vision, designing, manufacturing, shipping and even installing your new free standing display units with the experience and professional skill of an international shopfitting expert.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us on +44 117 9536 500 or email