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Fitbit Display 1

FITBIT: The perfect combination of design and technique

Fitbit products combine technique, lifestyle and design in a very special way; they are an accessory and a fitness gadget at the same time. Naturally, any display for Fitbit has to have the technical and design finesse to do the brand justice and stand out in a crowded market. When briefed to produce displays for Fitbit’s European roll-out, our solution was to create and produce interactive, beautifully-designed units that can be used flexibly by distributors as well as integrate new

products quickly and easily. Our displays use teal-coloured LED illumination and background lighting to attract the attention of customers. Interested customers can then discover more about the Fitbit product range by using integrated buttons to navigate to the products they like.  The systems themselves can be used as T-gondolas or as free-standing units and, because they are modular they can be disassembled and rebuilt very easily and quickly.

Fitbit Display 2
Fitbit Display 5
Fitbit Display 6
Fitbit Display 7
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ARNO Wolfschlugen Fitbit Display Fitbit Display Electronics EU