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Dr. Hauschka Wall Unit Display 1


Dr. Hauschka skin care products were born from a passion for natural medicine, healthy skin and the patterns of nature. It was our task to design and create new wall units for Dr. Hauschka and in doing so, emulate these important truths about the brand. Working in close collaboration with Wala, the foundation-owned company, ARNO designed organic, curved displays with illuminated back walls

that showcase the Dr. Hauschka products perfectly. The overall wall unit design creates an atmosphere of impressive light and depth, which serves to attract customers and distinguish the brand from its competitors. As well as designing and producing the units, ARNO also delivered and installed the wall units. 

Dr. Hauschka Wall Unit Display 2
Dr. Hauschka Wall Unit Display 5
Dr. Hauschka Wall Unit Display 8
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ARNO Wolfschlugen Dr. Hauschka Display Dr. Hauschka Display Cosmetics DE