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Digital At ARNO

ARNO Digital

ARNO Digital develops digital retail concepts that underpin the pillars of brick-and-mortar retailing and enables consumers to enjoy a sustainable shopping experience. Through the targeted use of direct and indirect technologies, we create added value for end consumers as well as for our customers.


Air Button

The Air Button technology enables your customers to use buttons without touching them. Our hygienic solution allows you to implement up to eight buttons. Simply hold your hand in the air over the desired button and the respective content (image or film) will be played. It is also possible to combine the system with other digital solutions such as the Air Swipe technology so that your content can also be swiped. Moreover, you can retrofit your existing system with the Air Button technology. We are happy to help!


Air Swipe


The Air Swipe Sensor allows you to scroll through information, products or colours on a screen without touching it. The sensor is installed under a table top and the content can be controlled easily by just swiping your hand in the air. It is also possible to combine several sensors in order to map more complex menus. If required, the user data can also be evaluated. If you wish to arrange a demonstration, just contact us.

Scan & Control

Due to the Scan & Control technology, you can control the content of a simple screen via a smartphone and therefore use it like a touchscreen without touching the screen. The ARNO media player provides a local WiFi. The smartphone only needs to be connected to the WiFi and scan the QR code displayed on the screen. The customers can control the screen immediately via their smartphone. It is a cost-effective alternative to touchscreens, which is particularly valuable from a hygienic point of view, since everyone only has to touch the own smartphone. The system can be implemented offline or online. Moreover, it is possible to analyse the user data. Please contact us if you wish to arrange a demonstration.


Smart Entrance Manager

If access to your retail space has to be limited due to current regulations, you can meet the requirement in a cost-efficient way by using a smart entrance manager. Due to sensors, a free-standing entry control can easily be implemented. A traffic light system signals the customers and visitors whether access is possible. During the waiting time, the area can also be used for communication and advertising - for example by displaying current offers or product videos.
Your long term advantages:
- Simple traffic light system to control customer flows
- Statistics on visitor behavior (e.g. valid identification of peak times)
- Use as communication and advertising space

Phone Tracking

With an additional plug-in on our multifunctional media player, we can analyse and evaluate WLAN signals from mobile phones anonymously according to GDPR. The 360° range can be defined up to 80 meters. The following parameters can be measured:

  • Live: How many customers are in front of your products right now (real-time)?
  • Absolute: How many people have walked by in total in a pre-defined period of time?
  • Conversion: What is the ratio between the people who only walked by and the people who stopped for a defined time span?
  • Best: On which day of the week and at what day time are most customers there (peak)?

Lift and Learn with Product Comparison


With the lift and learn technology, ARNO makes it possible to present and compare products interactively, thus creating a special kind of shopping experience. The product equipped with sensors triggers not only the coloured LEDs of the presentation platform when lifted, but also a screen. Here you can display product-specific content. In addition to the haptic experience, customers receive further digital information and product comparisons that consolidate their brand awareness as well as the purchasing decision. An integrated motion sensor can use a welcome video to alert customers to the lift and learn technology.


LED Screen

The big advantage of LED screens is their excellent long-distance effect which makes them a special eye-catcher, especially when used in shop windows. Thanks to the modularity, these screens can be of any shape and size, you are not bound to common formats such as 16:9. Therefore you have no limits in terms of design. For example, you can display the lettering or the shape of your logo with LED screens. Another important advantage is that the energy-saving and durable LEDs that are used in the LED technology are luminescent, they are not only backlit. Furthermore sunlight does not pose a problem compared to classic screens.



Cut Out Screen


Present your products in an impressive way with a video that plays in an individualised shape. With ARNO you can draw attention to your products or brand and give your customers a different perspective at the point of sale. The technology of the innovative cut out screen uses transparency with an individual design just behind the acrylic glass which accentuates the visibility of the video. The image or video material does not have to be elaborately adapted to the shape and it is easily replaceable, e.g. via a USB stick. Similarly, a variation of the cut out shape is quite easy through the replacement of the film, without incurring separate costs for the procurement of new hardware.


Virtual Experience

At ARNO we are constantly experimenting with technologies that offer added value for customers and retailers at the point of sale. That is why design thinking workshops and in-depth analyses are part of our everyday lives. We incorporate virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa in our displays, shop in shops, beacons, augmented reality applications and virtual reality tools. These can now be tested in the virtual experience room at the ARNO headquarters. We offer our customers the opportunity to experience the designs of our studio in an early development phase; realistically and with VR technology. Contact us to learn more about your customised solutions.



Stretched Screen


Stretched screen, bar type screen, long narrow screen - the names for this are just as varied as the uses. Thanks to the minimal height and the availability in many different lengths, the stretched screen is perfect for the presentation on shelves. It is android-based and also supports third-party APKs which facilitates system customisation. In addition, it can be played via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a USB stick or SD card and is also available as touch screens. Which in turn promotes the interaction with the customer. Furthermore, the on and off times of the screens can be easily pre-set.


Mirror Screen

Who does not occasionally unconsciously take a look at their reflection? With the eye-catching mirror screen, you get the usual function of a mirror and a medium for the playback of video content or images at the same time. Shape and size are individually determinable - this applies to both the mirror and the screen, which is also available as touch screen. It’s up to you to decide how to design the ratio between screen and mirror and whether you want to use the whole area of ​​the mirror as a screen or just a small part. Dark sectors in the video content increases the reflection and thus have the same effect as the mirror. Therefore, the mirror screen is best suited to the cosmetics sector or in the presentation of glasses.



Digital Signage

Pirelli Digital Signage

Digital signage describes the use of digital content for consumer communication. Whether classic screen, touch screen or one of the many other screens offered - ARNO provides a range of options at the point of sale. Your content can be individually linked with both feelers and buttons. Once the content has been created, it can be played on any number of devices and it is scalable. Management via content management systems (CMS) can be done both online and offline (e.g. via a USB stick). We implement digital signage solutions for your products or brand at the point of sale on a project basis. We do this in co-operation with CMS providers, therefore the functionality is adapted to the respective requirements. The use of digital technologies in retail also allows a better understanding of consumer behaviour. With analysis, the customer journey can be fully comprehended in order to improve the customer experience.



If actions need to be technically linked to a certain content, programming is necessary. Simple cases range from playing product videos when pressing a button on the display and programming sensors as part of the lift and learn technology to complex programming such as synchronising the brightness and colour of lamps to specific video content. ARNO offers project-related programming to showcase your ideas of interactivity in the retail environment in the best way. Depending on the size and complexity of the programs, this can be done in-house or in co-operation with our partner network.



We provide consultation services on the use of digital components in order to offer a meaningful concept tailored to your specific requirements. The concept development encompasses a comprehensive analysis of the customer journey and offers the innovative and sensible use of technologies in the context of digital signage and digital retail. Personalised and location-specific content can be used to trigger individual buying impulses and therefore cover consumer needs. Our expertise are derived from our experience with long-standing customers from different industries and our direct contact with manufacturers. In addition, we visit numerous trade fairs, carrying out further training and we are in close contact with technically experienced start-ups.