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Weber Shop in Shop 1

Weber Shop in Shop System: A One Stop Shop at ARNO

Design, construction, production, logistics, and value engineering - the comprehensive service we provide for Weber. ARNO delivered more than 1,200 shop in shop systems within just two months to seven European countries - helping the expansion of Weber Grill products into the DIY sector. An eye-catching red floor and extensive graphics give a strong visual effect that let you picture the perfect barbecue


event. Modularity enables numerous ways of combining the shelf system and adapting it to every situation. Due to a smart construction and a sophisticated packaging technique, an entire shop in shop system of up to 14 m² can be fitted on one special palette which results in big savings in terms of logistics and storage costs. With its new look, Weber is well prepared for the new BBQ season.

Weber Shop in Shop 2
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Weber Shop in Shop 4
Manufacturer Brand Product Industry Countries
ARNO Wolfschlugen Weber Shop in Shop Weber Shop in Shop DIY GER, AUT