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Our Russian subsidiary located in Moscow won an extensive project with the Russian-wide fashion retailer Modis in 2014. Since the beginning of 2014, ARNO is the main supplier and has already equipped more than 50 brand stores within the last twelve months. Remarkable since the average brand shop area is about 1,500 sqm per store. Modis is one of the biggest player in the market and offers trendy fashion for women, men and children. Part of the furniture produced by ARNO are gondolas, clothes racks, clothes rails made of

white powder-coated metal. Also, pedestals, tables and wall installations that are also made of steel and wood. Furthermore, logo letters, graphics, ceiling elements and cashier desks also belong to the product portfolio that ARNO produces for MODIS and are made of lacquered wood with highly polished surfaces. The local production in Russia for Russia saves a significant amount of cost due to the avoidance of import customs and yields considerable bottom line savings for the customer.

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