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Creaton To Go Mobile Fair System


A mobile fair system with a modular design principle styled individually in the Creaton look. ARNO designed a high quality and professional brand appearance based on the requirement criteria of Creaton to display the Creaton products at fairs, roofer workshops and DIY stores. A major factor is the fast and easy setup, modularity to fill spaces from 2 m² – 10 m², packaging made for frequent transportation and the durability of the system. The fair system is made up of 40 components and can be individually combined. The highlight is that an entire basic configuration fits into one slat case. A slat case is a large carrier box with wheels that is divided into compartments and padded. All furniture items and even tools are stored in the slat cases. Along with displays, wall elements, shelves and header elements you can find a step ladder, a cordless screwdriver,

bits, a hammer and a spirit-level. The included assembly instruction allows for an easy, step by step, installation. There are seven basic systems and another eight additional modules. The modular design principle guarantees the presentation of the entire product portfolio of Creaton.


When ARNO engineered the systems, we put special emphasis on the durabilty of the installation since they will be set up and dismantled more than 30 to 40 times during the next three years. The premium versions are being planned due to the fact that we received very positive feedback from the Creaton consultants. “Everything fits perfectly. I am surprised how straightforward everything has been solved. Hats off to ARNO!”, says Creaton consultant Sven Eckstein.

Creaton To Go Mobile Fair System 1
Creaton To Go Mobile Fair System 2
Creaton To Go Mobile Fair System 3
Creaton To Go Mobile Fair System 4